[M.M.X.I.V. 353] Baggage claim

Today’s post is a Flashback Friday for a specific flashback, as well as a general flashback.  It is centered around baggage claim at the airport, with Eppley Airfield in Omaha being my first point of reference.

As almost anyone can attest, flying can be quite a harrowing experience.  People are often grumpy.  You have to wait in long lines for security.  You have to take off your shoes and your electronics have to be removed from your bags.  You might be subjected to intrusive scans, or may have to be patted down.  (The latter, though, I find to be quite therapeutic: it’s a free massage!  Come on–sometimes you have to see the positive.)

And then on the flight, you have little leg room, and are crammed into your seat for most or all of the flight.  I don’t find these flight annoyances, though, to be particularly annoying or pernicious toward my experience.  It could be that I just allow them to blow over–almost literally!

Maybe my ignoring of those annoyances is just because of my excitement for the end of the flight, especially when flying to Lincoln or Omaha.  Why?  I get to the baggage claim, and get to wait for the BUZZER!

The YouTube video below is the Recent Flashback, to March 26, 2013, when I videotaped the buzzer.  However, I’ll give the Far Flashback in words.

As I have probably mentioned a bazillion times before on my blog, certain sound effects always trip my trigger.  Buzzers are definitely one of those.  The first time that I took an airplane trip was for Dad’s AAFP conference in 1997.  On the return trip to Omaha, we waited for our bags late at night at Eppley Airfield, because we had a long weather delay in Chicago.  I was really tired, annoyed, and hungry.  But, right before the carousel started, all my negative feelings were wiped out.

The buzzer did it, of course… as well as what we did which would NEVER be allowed today!  Back then, there was much less security and worry about safety in airports.  The baggage carousels did not have “KEEP OFF” warnings in 1997.  Mom and Dad let us ride on the baggage carousel, or at least didn’t scold us for doing it as long as we didn’t go into the back room.  And there were no airport police officers nearby at the time.  So, the buzzer plus the riding on the carousel as if I were a bag erased the hard feelings from the airport experience.

Come to think of it, the idea of “changing into bags” inspires a post that I will give as a Christmas gift!  Stay tuned for that!


Today is the three-hundred and fifty-third day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes fifty weeks and three days.

Today is the three-hundred and fifty-fifth day of Mission 441.  Eighty-six days remain.


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