[M.M.X.I.V. 355] Musical Memories Shuffle XVIII

Today’s Musical Memories post will be a little different.  In the previous 17 installments, I have used my personal collection of songs from my MP3 player.  I also collect songs on Spotify, which does NOT run my personal collection.  Therefore, I wanted to do the shuffle on my Spotify list this time.  Here goes, with YouTube links on the names of the songs if possible.  All will open in a new window!

  1. Counting Stars by OneRepublic.  This song, in some sense, was the anthem of my winter break in 2013.  I frequently heard the song both on KFRX during the Pre-Xmas Christmas Music Avoidance (TM), as well as on B107.3 after their format returned to the normal “Lincoln’s Best Variety.” I was captivated by the background music, of course.  Levi sang it a-cappella style as we were returning from Omaha one night, which further stuck it in my head.  Recently, it has been stuck in my head at random times, since the Northwestern pep bands now play it!
  2. Sonsick by San Fermin.  This was the theme song that led into the WNUR program The Human Conditioner with Bridget and Christopher.  What did it?  The message “Don’t be scared” as well as the horns.  And then, of course, the memories associated with it are all the times that I ended up in a submarine or cut off in mid-sentence. 🙂
  3. אמא שלך (Your Mother) מאתי ביטון (by Eti Bitton): The first words that I understood were למה אתה לא מיבין אותי (Why don’t you understand me?)  It’s a fast song, and the tune is something that seems unique to me.  Of course, the words need not apply to me.  This was a song that I frequently heard on המסיבה ברדיו לב המדינה (The Party on Radio Lev Hamedina).
  4. Inside Out by Eve 6.  This was a one-hit wonder from the late 1990s, and was one of a few “new” songs at the time that I could tolerate or even enjoy.  I had never heard of the word “rendezvous” before… until it came up as a word in the Paideia that I studied for the Lincoln Public Schools Spelling Bee (a qualifier for the Midwest Spelling Bee, which was a qualifier for the National Spelling Bee).
  5. In The Pocket by Down To The Bone.  This song I heard for the first time in November of 2013.  It was a quasi-request: I had called into Sunny-Side Up with Kristin and Lindsay, and had requested “Anything by Down To The Bone.”  This was the song that they chose, and when it came on the air, I started dancing while doing research!  I promptly called back after the song to thank them for playing it, and obviously it’s now a fun addition to my library!
    1. But then, while hitting Fast Forward to the next song, I get annoying commercials, unlike the ones in Israel or that were salient previously.
  6. I’ve Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat.  Strangely enough, although this song has been salient to me for quite some time, I cannot put my finger on where it came up as a memory for me.  But, it has a quality much like the early-90s “Night-At-The-Roxbury” style songs, and that is enough for me to enjoy it.
  7. Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel.  I heard this song in early-mid June of 2011, at the Center on Halsted.  It was part of a video from the information session on Team To End AIDS.  It played while showing a clip of the finish line at the Chicago Marathon, and the song now makes me think of the completion of a goal.  And yes, it played in my head (along with a conglomeration of other victory tunes and such) as I finished the Wrigley Field Road Tour on August 27, 2011.
  8. One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx.  It’s a great 80’s song, and so most of my memories of it are related to the Ultimate 80’s Request Party.  One particularly salient time: I requested it after the Southeast Knights had dominated Omaha Benson in my senior year at Omaha Westside High School in the district final.  I carpooled with the parents of one of the players, and we are still good family-friends.
  9. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  This song is often played at Northwestern sporting events.  Recently, it is the song associated with the Athletico Flex Cam that they use on the new video-boards in Welsh-Ryan Arena.  They also often played it just before kickoff at football games.  It doesn’t have the same mystique as “Can You Feel It,” though!
  10. Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple.  Back when I was in 6th grade, I got this song confused with Cat Scratch Fever all the time.  But furthermore, the familiar chord progression was something that we learnt on a dulcimer in my music class toward the end of the year.  Thus, the song reminds me of the end of one of my most difficult school years.  (But, I KNOW that I had it easy anyway: no out-of-school drama ever stunted my school performance.)
  11. Peg by Steely Dan.  This song has no specific memory associated with it.  It is a little bit of a Mondegreen, however.  I thought that the song said, “Heeeeey, it will come back to you.”  Nope, it’s “Peeeeeeg…”  The background music, as usual, drew me in.  But, I know I am waffling here by mentioning how I like the songs, but not having a great description otherwise.
  12. Once In A Lifetime by Talking Heads.  One of my friends once did a Word Cloud using this song, and I guessed it immediately since the words “water” and “yourself” and “same” appear quite often in the song.  My favorite part of the song is the part where he says, “There is water… at the bottom of the ocean!”
  13. Redline Tango by John Mackey.  I have heard this song several times on last.fm on my James Swearingen station.  As with a lot of songs of this caliber, I like the middle part which seems to have a different quality from the beginning and end.  It almost has a suspenseful feel, with the flute and deliberate ritardando.
  14. Tehillim: IV. Psalm 150:4-6 arr. by Steve Reich, Alarm Will Sound, Ossia, and Alan Pierson.  Wow, that’s a lot of artists!  I found this song indirectly, as I found from various listening to other Steve Reich songs on WNUR.  I browsed Reich on Spotify, and stumbled upon this song.  Given that the lyrics ARE in Hebrew, I just had to pick it up.  It would be too long and repetitive of the same verses to try to adapt to services, however!
  15. Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil.  This was an 80’s song that I mostly forgot about, until I heard it a few years ago.  I remembered how much I liked the chorus: “The time has come!”  I didn’t realize that the name of the song came from the other part of the song: “How would we sleep when the beds are burning?”  Maybe that is what I needed to do back in 2013, when my room suffered the scourge of BUGS!

That was a fun post.  Hope you enjoyed the wild variety as I do!


Today is the three-hundred and fifty-fifth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes fifty weeks and five days.

Today is the three-hundred and fifty-seventh day of Mission 441.  Eighty-four days remain.



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