[M.M.X.I.V. 360] Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day, which is a holiday celebrated in other English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom and Australia and Canada, but it’s not celebrated here.

Contrary to what I used to think, it has NOTHING to do with the picture that follows.  But, the picture that follows will inspire the post I am about to make.

Boxing Day


Nope, Boxing Day is a day where servants and tradespeople would traditionally receive gifts (Christmas boxes.)

But whenever I think of it, it leads me to a Simon and Garfunkel song, which in turn brings back several specific memories.  Let me start from the earliest one.

When I was a senior in high school, I went to Molly’s end-of-season swim banquet (she was a sophomore at the time).  Each of these end-of-season banquets or final games of the season gradually made me realize that my high school career was coming to a close.  It still was not hitting me emotionally yet, strangely enough.  Then again, my emotions were not as salient to me during high school as they became in college and grad school.

The song “The Boxer” was part of the slide show and season-highlight video.  Therefore, it became a part of my strong memories, as I liked the song, even if it didn’t really have anything to do with swimming.  (And I was never a swimmer, mind you–water basketball doesn’t count!)

The song became salient for me in another reason: at the time I was taking differential equations at the university since I had outstripped the math curriculum at the high school.  This was right around the time that we had started learning about second-order (and higher order) linear differential equations.  One of the first things we learned in that chapter was about linear operator notation, and this was denoted by Lyf(x), where L is the operator.

Well, clearly, the Ly then reminded me of the song with the “Lai-lai-lai…” from the chorus.  Maybe I should have it on the ready when I explain differential equations to the students.  Nah–they’re probably getting beaten up in the ring already!

And one more memory: on one of my first times of using my MP3 player, I had a selection of Mom’s songs from the computer.  I went outside to sit on the lawn mower and ride it around our house’s expansive yard for the periodic required maintenance.  And I used Dad’s noise-cancellation headphones while listening to songs.  You guessed it–The Boxer ended up on that playlist!

So, with those memories in mind, I close this Flashback Friday account.  Happy Boxing Day, or if you are working in the U.S.A. government, Happy Day-After-Christmas-Which-Is-A-Federal-Holiday-This-Year!


Today is the three-hundred and sixtieth day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes fifty-one weeks and three days.

Today is the three-hundred and sixty-second day of Mission 441.  Seventy-nine days remain.


4 thoughts on “[M.M.X.I.V. 360] Boxing Day

    • Thanks, Ali! I think that the USA is one of the only English-speaking countries that does not have a Boxing Day tradition.

      Also, as you’ve probably seen in my other blog posts, I can often get an implication from six degrees of separation!


  1. It was only recently I realized how wrong I was about the boxing day… I thought some important in some part of history used to box on this day but… … lets just keep it between us! 🙂


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