[M.M.X.I.V. 361] CRUNCHES!

When I think of the word “crunches,” there are at least three different things which come to my mind.  One of these was brought up by Mom this morning as we drove to services, and so it got my mind’s wheels turning.  (Interestingly, the format of this post will indirectly relate to the first story of CRUNCHES.)  These are the crunches of gym class, winter, and eating.

Gym class is first.  When I was in eighth grade, Mr. Deschaine was my teacher for both gym and health classes.  At Pound Middle School, the schedule was an A-B type schedule: the odd-ordinal days of the school year were “A” days, and the even-ordinal days of the year were “B” days.  All of my classes met daily, except for Health/Gym, which was A/B.  In gym class, we had a sequence of stretches and other activities for warm-ups.  One of these included crunches, but the most salient part of this was Mr. Deschaine’s pronunciation:


Therefore, that is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of crunches.

This morning, Mom and I were driving to services.  Mom chose to drive the Salsa-Mobile, and this is the first time that she drove it on partially-wintry roads.  Yes indeed, there was a dusting of snow and freezing precipitation last night.  As we drove off the driveway, Mom turned down the radio to say, “Do you hear that?”  It was the tires crunching the thin layer of snow.  Both Mom and I like this sound of crunching on wintry material, whether ice or snow.  It is fun to walk in and crunch snow that has ice frozen on top… at least until I get my feet wet!  It is definitely a part of winter that makes it fun… and I think that I have mentioned this before on my blog.

And the third “CRUNCHES” that comes to mind is from eating… at least in the sense of one thing that I am making today.  Tonight, the University of Nebraska will play football against the University of Southern California in the Holiday Bowl game.  Ever since shortly after my family moved to our current house, I have learned how to bake Chex Mix.  It is so much more tasty than the store-bought brand, and it is fun and easy to make.  I have modified the recipe from its original form–instead of nuts, I use Cheetos and Oatmeal Squares.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like before I do some shuffling to ensure that it bakes evenly!


Therefore, three different things that CRUNCHES remind me of are gym class, winter, and snacks.  In some sense, these can all tie together in the same day as I have done here… only I don’t remember what the “CRRR-UNCHES!” entail.  As I mentioned in the introduction, you may recognize this blog post as the “Five-Paragraph Essay” with an introduction that is capped off by a thesis statement, three supporting paragraphs, and then a conclusion.  As long as nobody is about to grade me on it.  Well, I will have my critics…


Today is the three-hundred and sixty-first day of M.M.X.I.V.  That makes fifty-one weeks and four days.

Today is the three-hundred and sixty-third day of Mission 441.  Seventy-eight days remain.


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