[371/441] Hart of the matter

Once is an incident, twice is a co-incidence, and thrice is a pattern.  While I have been back at home, Mom brought out an old document that solidified a co-incidence into a pattern through a triangular argument.

In 2001, I was in the Duke T.I.P. (Talent Identification Program) summer camp at the University of Kansas-Lawrence.  It was the only time that I went to a sleep-away summer camp, and of course it was an academic thing, instead of being outdoorsy.  It was a formative time in my life, even though I did not really like it at the time.

I stayed in Ellsworth Hall, which was on Engel Road.  I had forgotten(!!) this, but the document that Mom showed me was a yellow receipt from Package-Express.  Early in the program, she sent me a care package.  Therefore, this receipt had the address of the dorm in which I stayed!

Fast forwarding four years, I elected to continue my studies after high school graduation at the University of Nebraska.  For all four years that I studied there, I resided in Neihardt Hall (excluding the summers, when I stayed at home… except for the R.U.T.E. summer when I stayed in Selleck).

Following my receipt of the bachelor degree, I proceeded to Northwestern University for the Masters and PhD degrees.  Although I could have chosen to live somewhere other than University-sponsored housing, I chose the easy way out on it.  And where is this? Engelhart Hall!

This pattern suggests that I will probably live somewhere involving an “Engel,” a “Heart” (or other spelling variant when it is a substring), or a “worth…” once I graduate.  Who knows?


Today is the three-hundred and seventy-first day of Mission 441.  Seventy days remain.


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