[372/441] Absentminded

Reason number #198041 that I think I will become a professor later in life: I am very absentminded when it comes to keeping track of OBJECTS.  This vacation in Lincoln has held at least three incidences of me forgetting items, or LOSING them.

A few of my gifts for חנוכה (Hanukkah) were duplicates of items that I already had–windproof cycling gloves and a windproof ski-mask (balaclava).  I thought it might be good to have spares… and it turns out that one of them I ended up needing as a spare!

On Wednesday, I went with Mom to the Huskers men’s basketball game.  I think that I had the original balaclava (i.e. the one that I had prior to coming home) in my coat pocket when I left the house.  By the end of the night, I could not find it.  It is almost as if she foresaw the fact that I would lose something when I was home…

On that same day, I was planning on doing some work at the office.  Before we got too far away from home, I realized that I had left my power cord for the laptop at home.  So we drove back, I picked it up (since I knew exactly where it was), but then the garage door had problems!  Geez… go figure.

And then I had another near-disaster… I had taken my sunglasses case to the Huskers women’s basketball game, and after I packed, I realized it was missing!  Thankfully, I found the case underneath the passenger seat in the car that I drove to the game.  I couldn’t afford to have ANOTHER lost item, this one for which I do NOT have a spare.

I think that my absentmindedness is especially pernicious when I am on vacation, or packing for vacation.  Last year, I brought an incomplete GoPro mount to Lincoln during my week off in the summer, and later forgot my headphones in my apartment before heading to Lincoln.  Neither of these were particularly pernicious to my state of mind or anything else, but it is still quite annoying how I have difficulty keeping track of STUFF…


Today is the three-hundred and seventy-second day of Mission 441.  Sixty-nine days remain.


2 thoughts on “[372/441] Absentminded

  1. Know the feeling, Noah! I tend to put stuff in so-called fail-safe places – with the inevitable result! I have absolutely no idea where my new glasses are – and have had to revert to an old pair! Embarrassing!


    • The question seems to be: Put it in a “fail-safe” place, or put it in a strange place as a weird reminder?

      There was a “Baby Blues” comic several years ago, where Hammie put his sneakers in the freezer, claiming it’s harder to lose them that way. Your comment makes me think of that!

      Thankfully, I’ve never lost my EYEGLASSES in that way–only sunglasses clips. (Now, on the other hand, I have had to revert to old glasses if my current pair breaks or otherwise fails.)


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