[376/441] Extremist

OK, I normally consider myself a moderatist in almost every respect.  These last few days, however, have convinced me that I am a little bit of an extremist on one respect.  The photo that I am about to share should convince you of it…


Noah’s an extremist!?

This can’t be a real extremist’s getup.  It’s too brightly colored, so that I would never get away with committing any sort of crime in this.  Of course, why would I ever do something like that anyway?  Obviously, this is not in order to bring extreme religious ideals or extreme criminal activity against people.

Well, I think that preparing myself this well for going out in the snow and cold is more of the getup of a moderatist.  If I were a real extremist (translation, if I were a masochist), I would have bike shorts, a short-sleeved jersey, but still be wearing the helmet.

Can’t let the silly winter weather stop me from a smooth commute, even though walking doesn’t add that much extra time!


Today is the three hundred and seventy-sixth day of Mission 441.  Sixty-five days remain.



3 thoughts on “[376/441] Extremist

    • Thanks, Ali! With temperatures below minus-15 Celsius, I have to be a little extreme if I choose to ride my bike!

      I enjoy using words that have other connotations, in completely non-offensive ways… see the XXX post for example 🙂


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