[379/441] Steamroller

This is a pretty quick post, as I just want to take a quick break from research.

Yesterday, I graded Quiz 1 for the calculus class for which I am a teaching assistant.  The first few that I graded went pretty slowly, as I got into the swing of the rubric that I decided to use.  Additionally, it seemed that the worst performances were near the top of the stack–whether this is co-incidental or a consequence of FIFO and the ones taking the most time perhaps doing the worst, I don’t know.

However, once I got a few under my belt, I got into the flow, and they started going more and more quickly.  Grading can be a repetitive exercise, which means that it almost becomes automatic like driving, even in the relatively short amount of time that one would grade for a class.

Like anything, getting started is the hardest and slowest part.  Like a steamroller, once you get going, you’re rolling!


Today is the three hundred and seventy-ninth day of Mission 441.  Sixty-two days remain.


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