[381/441] Stream of consciousness 82

Despite the frustration that I have had recently toward my future and my research in trying to finish up my degree, I have mainly stayed sane in terms of not compromising my sleep schedule.  Indeed, the z-noughts (nights of less-than-usual sleep) have been zero since I started going into Hyper Mode.  I fear the effect on my Grogginess if I were to pull an all nighter.

Instead, I have managed to cut back on some of my other unproductivity during the workdays, such as checking Facebook or blogs, which often dogged me previously.  Let me shift to something else, even though this may seem completely unrelated.  Play along with it, and hopefully the whole post doesn’t become obfuscated…

I’ll start noticing a lot more Greek letters in the classes that I teach, not just because of using Greek letters in my mathematical work anyway.  Instead, I am likely to see some “Thetas,” “Kappas,” and “Phi-Deltas,” among others.  At Northwestern, the fraternities and sororities do their recruitment at the beginning of Winter Quarter.  Thus, all the pledges / recruits / whatever they’re called may start showing up with pins and other insignia.

I do not claim to know much about the Greek culture, but I do know that lack of sleep that I mentioned earlier can cause problems with people’s academic performance.  This can be thought of as an extensible pole in the head that blocks off different areas, depending on its angle.

Furthermore, if $|g(z_0)|=1$ for some $z_0$ such that $|z_0|<1$, then by the Maximum Modulus Theorem,  $g$ would be a constant (of modulus 1), and $f(z)=e^{i\theta}z$.

Translation in respect to my argument: I fear that if I pull an all-nighter, which would raise my relative Grogginess to 1, then my Grogginess may become a constant, since my original number of z-naughts (i.e. all-nighters) was zero.  Talk about a Maximum Modulus of fearmongering on my brain!

In case you wonder about the weirdness of this post, the boldfaced sentence is from the Daily Prompt: Page 82 of the book Complex Analysis by Bak and Newman.  In some sense, it also describes my scatterbrained approach right now.  This sometimes happens when I am frazzled, that I start talking in incoherent sentences.  But, because a math book was the closest book when I wrote this post, I had a feeling that this post would turn into weird-prov!


Today is the three-hundred and eighty-first day of Mission 441.  Sixty days remain.


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