[382/441] Besides

The last few posts that I have written have been real downers, in my opinion.  However, after hearing two very similar songs on Pandora yesterday, it gave me an interesting idea for a blog post.  Besides, I think that I should spice it up.  (Naturally, this post’s title was a pun!)

While I was listening to Pandora, I heard Sometimes When It Rains, by Secret Garden.  It’s a purely instrumental song, and I really like it.  The melody makes me think of a sad day, in the sense of my Weather Congruence that I have previously mentioned on my blog.  For example, the song may have been playing through my head on the day that I wrote that post!

I might as well put a link to the song here.

A little bit later, I heard the same introduction, and was getting ready to hit the Skip button (there was one time, actually, where THE SAME SONG from a different album played back-to-back on Pandora.  At least it was a song that I liked–Around The World by ATC.)  I moused over to the Pandora web page, getting ready to hit the Skip button.  But then I stopped.

The title of the song was not Sometimes When It Rains.  Instead, it was Half A World Away.  The song is from the same album as the former, even though it seems like it could be a B-side if it were released as a single.  The background melody is identical, but there are words!  The words are a love song, and significantly changed my take on the lyrics-free song.  Granted, it does feel like the words show heartbreak as well, but in a different sense than the original song, which could be in any way.

Here it is… so I guess I’ve got a “Battle Of The Bands” going on here!

There are a few other songs of which I have heard similar versions by the same artist.  One of these is The Horse by Cliff Nobles.  That song is actually the B-side to Love Is All Right.  Here are the two songs, respectively:

After hearing the former off the bat, I admit that it is weird to hear lyrics paired with them!  I’ve actually never heard the latter on the radio.

And one more example: “Blue Monday,” which I heard for the first time as an 8-bit sound effect on HyperStudio when I was in fourth grade!  It has also the B-side “The Beach” which I have heard.  Both are good in their own ways!

Now, there are of course the ideas of songs that have been ripped from other artists.  We’re not going there in this post!


Today is the three-hundred and eighty-second day of Mission 441.  Fifty-nine days remain.


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