[388/441] Twelve

This is a modified Freewrite, as it also is going to be transcribed vocally, as part of the motivation for this post was something that happened today.

On the video, you will be able to see me clad in a certain way that will make it obvious what is going on… hopefully.  (Obviously, I know this sounds weird when I say it because this is one of the difficulties of essentially crashing through the fourth wall in a video!)

So, as it turns out, there are a lot of things which can involve the number twelve.  For example, there are twelve inches in a foot.  There are

<whistle and pointing gesture>

twelve months in a year.  There are twelve … oh, where was this one going?  Now I can’t quite remember what I was about to say.

<whistle and pointing gesture>

Anyway, twelve seems to be a number of completeness in a different way.  But, it is sort of a strange number, because although it is even, it is not exactly one which would be

<whistle and pointing gesture>

necessarily found as a “nice-round number.”  Definitely, we can grouse about the Imperial system of units, for how little sense it makes in terms of unit conversion.

<whistle and pointing gesture>

In fact, I recall a meme that went around on Facebook several years ago.  It said, “No cursing!” and rattled off a list of various Four-Letter Words, including

<long whistle> “PERIOD!”

Inch, Yard, Mile, Foot, Acre, and a few others that I can’t recall off the bat

<whistle and pointing gesture>

with the punch line being “Let’s keep it clean and Metric.”  As I have worked in science, there have been times

<whistle and pointing gesture>

where I have been forced to do ugly unit conversion between non-metric units.  The most annoying came from my differential equations class, when mass was in the odd unit of SLUGS!

<whistle and pointing gesture>

Yes, the Slug is the foot-pound-second unit of mass.  (The pound is weight, but mass is not equal to weight–weight is a force!)

<whistle and pointing gesture>

Now, where was I?  I keep getting blown out here

<whistle and pointing gesture>

And there we go again!  Geez Louise, something is really wrong here!  Evidently I have done something terribly wrong to force correction… um…

<whistle and pointing gesture>

Or, it is part of the story.  Oh, and I thought of another piece involving twelve.  Twelve are the notes in the chromatic scale!  Shall I start singing it?  Nah, I’ll let that one go by

<whistle and pointing gesture>

Or perhaps I should not have done that.  Whew, I think that that whistle and pointing gesture is starting to blow out the post.  Yet, it is not exactly something that is in my mind.  Rather, it has to do more with a post that I wrote about a year ago: Thursday Thrashings!

<long whistle> “PERIOD!”

Indeed, the whistles that I had in this post come from the floor hockey game that I played last night.  It was our first game of the season, in my third full-time season on Super Anomalous Diffusers-turned Shots With Gordon Bombay.  You may recall from my post on Thursday Thrashings last year that I played hockey on Thursdays, as well as watching a bunch of bad Northwestern basketball losses early in the year.

Well, our team had a bunch of newcomers with the first-year students that were eager to get on an intramural team.  Our offense was very disorganized early in the game, but our defense managed to hold off the opposing team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon… for a little while.  But, then they figured out our disorganization, got us out of position, and rattled off four goals in very short time.

The second period was even worse, as we were pretty much on the defense the whole time.  Never holding a true offensive possession, it was too easy for SAE to just pass past us, and score another and another and another goal.  Talk about an unsavoury result… but it wasn’t the case of Own Goals.

<whistle and pointing gesture>

I have not done well against SAE teams in the past–they took the championship from my Runge Kutters team during my second year at Northwestern, and they blew out my football and basketball teams there too.  I never played against them at UNL, as they were in a different division of play.

<long whistle>

THAT’S THE GAME! <With a 0:12 loss at our back>


Today is the three-hundred and eighty-eighth day of Mission 441.  Fifty-three days remain.


2 thoughts on “[388/441] Twelve

    • Thanks for the comment, Ali! For some reason, I don’t think I ever got real stage fright.
      However, I just shaved because the facial hair was starting to drive me crazy (i.e. itchy).


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