[393/441] On the one hand…

I find it interesting how there can be so many dualities that appear in life… and you end up choosing the “A” when the “B” is indicated, or vice-versa.  (In some cases, “A” and “B” are Yes and No respectively.)

I will therefore consider a few dualities that came to mind recently.  I was thinking about the dessert that I ate tonight, and how it indeed gives duality in multiple senses.

COFFEE.  It’s a drink of choice for many adults, particularly it seems in the United States.  I know that Mom and Dad are definitely addicted to it.  But, I never got into coffee.  If I drink a caffeinated beverage in the morning, it is tea.  But, I don’t necessarily drink tea every morning.

Yet, I like some items that are based on coffee.  Chocolate-covered coffee beans are tasty, for example.

And, although it is completely artificially-flavored, coffee ice cream is very tasty for me, and is what I had for dessert tonight.  But it was snowing!  This is one of those cases when the “usual indication” would be “No Ice Cream” due to the weather.

I would guess, however, that everyone gets a craving for “out-of-season” food at least once!

This reminds me, actually, of almost four years ago.  Snowpocalypse 2011 had hit Chicago, which closed Northwestern for a day.  That weekend was Super Bowl Weekend, and on the Saturday, Andy’s Custard in downtown Evanston was offering free custard for EVERYONE.  I don’t know whether it was to entice people to brave the bad roads, something that they had already planned, or what.  Whichever is the case, I took advantage!

Or, rewind even further to Wednesday, October 29, 1997.  This was the first day after the October Blizzard Over The Great Plains that we left the house and neighborhood.  School had been closed since Monday, and they closed for the remainder of the week.  My family got lucky, because our house maintained power the whole time.  The school closings may have been more due to power outages at school than the snow or ice.

On that Wednesday, we went bowling with some friends (and one of them became an enemy in January of 2003.  That’s a different story for a different post).  After having fun (but bowling terribly :), we had ice cream at Dairy Queen on 48th Street right next to DaVinci’s (hey, and there are 48 days left of Mission 441!) at what is now a Chinese restaurant.  It was open because it was a “Hot Eats/Cool Treats” location, unlike the other one at 33/Pioneers, which was only open during the “ice cream season.”  Still, that ice cream tasted great!

And on the other hand, I sometimes crave soups, stews, or chili during the summer.  Yay!

I wanted to make a fairly short post tonight, so therefore that is all I have for now.  Are there other “On-The-Other-Hand” examples like what I gave that you can consider?


Today is the three-hundred and ninety-third day of Mission 441.  Forty-eight days remain.


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