[396/441] Blink

Considering one’s natural processes is really interesting.  There are some which you will be unaware of unless you start thinking about it.  Some of those, at least that I can think of, are respirating (breathing) and digestion.  The latter can sometimes cause me problems if I notice it and think that something is wrong.  This may be one of the reasons that I wrote this post, as I had a stomachache last night from, probably, a racing mind.

The title of this post, however, suggests one other process: blinking.  Though your eyes naturally blink quite often, if you are not consciously thinking about blinking (and yes, I did intentionally leave a reference to my stop light rant!), you probably don’t notice yourself blinking.

For example, if I am focused on reading, working, or watching a sporting event, I will be able to focus on that, and not notice my blinking.  However, if any stimulus begins to make (1) me think about blinking (2), I will start to notice every time that (3) I blink for a short period of time. (4)  It is amazing (5) what becomes salient which you (6) don’t notice most of the time.

(7) (8) (9) This is (10) (11) sometimes distracting (12), but I wonder sometimes (13) how long people take to stop noticing (14) explicitly their blinking.  (OK, I’ll stop counting the times that I blink here.  Particularly since I counted while I was thinking at the beginning of the paragraph.)

There is a staring contest clip from the cartoon Courage The Cowardly Dog that I wanted to add to this post, but I couldn’t find it.  I was never good at staring contests, because close quarters causes me to blink.  And if I see someone blink and actively interpret it, I then get blinking on my mind, and notice every time that I blink!

However, strangely enough when I am driving, I do not get keyed in to blinking, despite the fact that the blinking crosswalk lights or turn signals are blinking lights.  In some cars, the sound of the turn signal is not clicking, but is a beeping!  And the beeping, to me, sounds like “Blink-blink-blink-blink-blink-blink…”  Maybe it’s because that cue is too obvious.

But I bet that I got all of my readers thinking about their blinking now… sorry! :p


Today is the three-hundred and ninety-sixth day of Mission 441.  Forty-five days remain.


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