[399/441] Linus

Since a few years ago, The Weather Channel has begun to name winter storms in the fashion that hurricanes are named.  Today, Winter Storm Linus is buffeting Chicago… and has knocked out my plans to go to a friend’s place to watch the Super Bowl.  This might be a blessing in disguise, to allow me to get some work done since bridge club was also pre-empted on account of the game.

The name of the winter storm brings up an idea: talking about how I resembled Linus when I was younger.

Linus Van Pelt is the name of one of the characters in Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic.  The defining features of him are that he sucks his thumb and is always carrying a blanket, lest he suffer withdrawal symptoms.  He is the “intellectual” in the comic, which means that he seems to be subject to bullying.  I was as well in elementary school, but I think that the intervention of  teachers and counselors, plus my Aspergian Shell, protected me from most of it.  Let me discuss my similarities to Linus, at least with the thumb and blanket.

When I was younger, I was a thumb-sucker, and this continued until (embarrassingly) the middle of fourth grade.  However, during the last two years it was confined mostly to inside the house.  I don’t know what it is about sucking the thumb that kids do, nor am I aware why I did it for so long.

However, there was one funny incident with it which became a family joke.  I was at my grandparents’ place in Lincoln (back when my family lived in Fort Dodge), and with some of us being thumb-suckers, Papa decided to instigate us concurrently sucking thumbs.  His prompt: “Assume the position!”  (Of course, after doing a cursory Google search, I realize that “assume the position” has a very dirty context.  Not like I could have known that back in the age of single digits.)

Throughout my time, I have often gravitated toward warm clothing and/or blankets.  This is not necessarily for warmth itself, but more security or coziness.  After all, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy of my name: נוח means “comfortable” in Hebrew.  When I was in high school, I pretty much LIVED in my leather Southeast letter jacket.  And when I wasn’t wearing it, such as at a sporting event, I was wearing a Southeast blanket as a cape for my Superfan getup.

Yet, at home, I would often wrap myself in that same blanket for coziness.

I think it’s fine that people may have the body of an adult, but the heart of a child at times.  I wonder if those with Asperger syndrome tend to have this situation more than neuro-typicals?


Today is the three-hundred and ninety-ninth day of Mission 441.  Forty-two days remain.



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