[403/441] Party Time!

“We like to party…”

If you look at the Tags or Categories of this post, you are probably going to be confused.  How can I put “Academia” and “Party” in the same post, let alone the same thought?  Well, I got to have a party yesterday at the office.  So, let me talk about it!  No worries, this is completely G-raided… er, rated.  Unless you are intimidated by the G-Word…

On Tuesday, I started the day working from home, and also made Chex Mix, because I knew that yesterday (i.e. Wednesday was going to be a day for partying, and there’s nothing better than my homemade Chex Mix for parties.  Fast forward to yesterday, and I got to the office around 09:00.  I got to do research for an hour, because the Party was scheduled to start at 10:00.

I headed to the small conference room, equipped with an orange pen, a black pen, my cell phone with headphones, and the Chex Mix.  Professor Kath came in with the stack of papers… yes indeed.  More than two hundred exams to grade in a communal thing.  Or, better known as a Grading Party!

In some sense, thinking about a Grading Party made me think of this BINGO card, although it would obviously have to be modified to be a Math BINGO card!  Credit to ‘A Girl’s Guide To Grad School’ for the idea.

A writing BINGO card, but I could change it around for math. Might be fun for the next Grading Party!

In some of the previous posts, I have complained about grading, or at least put it in more of a negative light.  There is a different feel to it when doing grading communally with others.  It has several advantages to grading alone:

  • Having other people to discuss rubrics with, IN PROGRESS, is more helpful than trying to come up with one on your own.
  • You can focus on one problem, rather than having to grade each paper in its entirety.  This is especially true on exams.
  • Sometimes, more manpower allows a more efficient game.  This is the idea of the assembly line!
  • The graders like to make gratuitous comments about the craziest errors, which keeps it funny and lighthearted.
  • And some of us will listen to music to turn the tension down.  (Turn down for what… I wonder?)
  • And, of course, it’s great when someone brings in food.  Rumor has it that there will be pizza at the next Grading Party.

This may be something for me to keep in mind–social facilitation happens for me when I am grading with others.  This doesn’t happen if I am alone grading at home or on the L, although the latter is useful if I have nothing better to do.

What sorts of work activities do you think are better to do in a group than alone?


Today is the four-hundred and third day of Mission 441.  Thirty-eight days remain.


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