[407/441] Who’s on First (#4M)

This weekend was the start of college softball season, and earlier in the week, I remembered a few comics that I had read previously.  As can be told from my posts, wordplay is one of my favorite types of humor.  Therefore, the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” routine cracks me up every time.  But, I have a few variants to discuss.

You may have fun listening to Abbott and Costello while reading my post…

The first time that I remember hearing Who’s on First was in my tenth-grade biology class, when Mr. Bertrand showed a video of it after one of our examinations (the next day, that is).  I was nearly rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter!  I really enjoyed his class,  because he often told interesting stories.  He also brought in his banjo to sing songs for us prior to exams, and made the class quite engaging.  Even better, there was no dissection lab!

There are several variants in the Forward Direction, where the “question” names or derived-from-the-question-names appear on the bases.  A good example of this is the “rock band edition,” where all of the infielders are rock bands.   The Who is on first, The Band is on second, and Yes is on third.  So, let me link to this routine, as well as one song from each group that I like or know:

The impetus for this idea with the rock bands came from a Pearls Before Swine comic from October of 2014.  It is right here, where Rat asks “Whose drummer was Keith Moon?” and it goes on like so.  I don’t think I can embed it in this post, but here is a link to it.

And a long time ago, there was a Pearls Before Swine comic which put Who’s On First in reverse!  The actual words were asked, and then the “Duh” responses were the assumed names of the words.  To Pig, a taco was a “That” in Spanish, a burrito was a “Same” in Spanish, and an enchilada was a “Dude, don’t be a #$%^%%# moron!”  Here it is, if you want the actual comic…

I guess that there has been at least one time that a “Who’s on First” routine has been broken up by a confederate.  That might actually be pretty funny, as the expectation is the confusion in names versus question words.

What other types of wordplay do you enjoy?  Or is wordplay the lowest form of humor for you?


Today is the four-hundred and seventh day of Mission 441.  Thirty-four days remain.

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13 thoughts on “[407/441] Who’s on First (#4M)

  1. Wordplay is a lot of fun and I do enjoy old skits like Abbott & Costello ~ timeless! I love how you blended your story telling right onto the dance floor. I remember The Who quiet well, but forgotten about The Band, & Yes. Thanks for the reminder & the laughs! Have a danstastic week, Noah!


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