[409/441] So close yet so far

The number on this post is very salient to me, because it is the  exit number that leads to where my family goes in Lincoln.  Thus, I start with a photo of this scenery (courtesy of http://www.okroads.com), and have a few reasons why this is “so close yet so far.”

Whenever my family (or I) exit Interstate 80 at Exit 409, it is the sign that we are “back” in Lincoln.  Exit 409 is just north of the East Side of Lincoln, so that it is another few miles to get to 84th Street.  And from there, it’s another Long 20 Minutes (TM) to get home.

This effect is especially pronounced when going from Omaha to Lincoln, and in particular from the airport.  It takes about 40-50 minutes to get from the airport to Exit 409, and then another 30 minutes to get home!  Therefore, Exit 409 is the epitome for me of “So Close, Yet So Far.”

And that is my situation right now in trying to finish up with my PhD program.  In addition to finishing the research and writing, I am way behind in applying for jobs after I graduate.  Though I know that there are opportunities out there, things are not clear for me right now.

It’s a trying time, but regardless of what happens, this limbo is on me for a reason.  Something good WILL come out of it.


Today is the four-hundred and ninth day of Mission 441.  Thirty-two days remain.


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