[410/441] Ice

This post is intended as a Freewrite, given that I read an article about ice in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune.  Therefore, after this front-matter, I’ll start the clock at 15 minutes, and go without editing.  Adding any links or embeds will not count as part of the 15 minutes, nor will the back matter.

Ah, ice. It is water that has frozen, such that the temperature is usually below zero (Celsius). On Sunday night of this week, I had ridden my bike from the basketba… wait. The wrestling meet (which Northwestern lost 😦 ) to Norris.  The skies were spewing a little bit of mist, and the temperature was dropping. It was not horrendous riding my bike to Norris, but later in the night… oh boy!

It was 22:22 when we finished bridge for the night, and I stepped outside wiht with the others.  They arned warned me that it was pure ice, and when I stepped away from the overhand, overhang, THEY WERE RIGHT! I nearly tripped over myself, one step outside!  Therefore, I definitely avoided riding my bike, and instead slipped allover the place in shuffling my feet while walking my bike.  Thankfully, I got home that night with zero wipeouts or other problems.

While I was walking, however, a video game song was playing in my head: the Ice Cave theme from Pokemon Gold and Silver.  Thus, after the time is up, I will place the embedded video below here.

A few other memories involve ice for me. When I was in Fort Dodge, there was one winter when the snow seemingly never melted. On the playground, there was a penny encased in ice, and my friends and I joked about it being a buried treasure. I wonder who picked it up after the ice had melted?

One day, when I was walking to Humann Elementary School, I had almost finished crossing Beaver Creek Lane on the north side. One step from the sidewalk, I hit a patch of ice and fell on my bum. And this was a TERRIBLE feeling, because the impact knocked the wind out of me. I was gasping for air, and didn’t realize that it is a phenomenon which happens sometimes. (This also happened once when I went flying into a lake and let go of the rope too late… in the summer of 1999.)

Or, another story involving ice. It was a week or two before I returned to Lincoln for winter break during my first year at Northwestern. I was riding my bike to the office, and hit the brakes just outside of Tech. Unfortunately, there was a patch of black ice where I hit the brakes, and so the bike gave out from under me, causing me to go sliding. Thankfully, my body and bike were completely unharmed. What took the damage, you might ask? Not the ground. Rather, it was my corduroy pants which got ripped on the knees. (That was the only place they rent, but still, they were summarily retired after that.)

I find it weird that ice takes up so much volume in a glass of water or another drink. That is one real way to quickly make a venue fail the “Duck Club Test.” Have I mentioned what that is yet? This test: If your glass is devoid of liquid water, then the restaurant FAILS. It was the summer of 2003, during the weekend of my 16th birthday, when my family went to Kansas City for the amusement parks, as well as fine dining on the Saturday night at the Peppercorn Duck Club. Despite the fact that we were parched from a long day at Oceans of Fun, our glasses were never empty. It is a tough standard to hold to, but every family has their interesting ways of evaluating restaurants.

Wow, I went from winter to summer in less than fifteen minutes! As they say in the Midwest, if you don’t like the weather, just wait ten minutes. Of course, for this post, I don’t have ten minutes remaining, so I’ll have to finish the post on summer-related material.

Or not! I can go wherever I want with it, because freewriting often shows the hot mess that my mind can be when I just allow it to go places. Is that going to put me on thin ice at some point? I don’t think so–the mind has an uncanny ability to censor when it needs to censor.

But, before I finish, I must say that ice cream sounds like a great treat tonight! That is one food that I get a craving for regardless of the season. Who is with me on that?

And now, I’ll be skating away. Skating away. Skating awaaaaay on the ice of a new day… or a new blog post for tomorrow!  I’m not sure where it will take me, but for Saturday,…



Today is the four-hundred and tenth day of Mission 441. Thirty-one days remain.


4 thoughts on “[410/441] Ice

  1. I love the liveliness and spontaneity of this, Noah – you skip and confide and laugh and show such wonder; I really enjoyed reading it!


    • Thanks, Ali! Indeed, I skip, and slip, and slide through various ice-related ideas in just fifteen minutes. It’s fun to see where a one-word prompt takes me, via free association.


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