[412/441] Falling in love

Despite the name of this post, I will warn you that it has nothing to do with your standard idea of “falling in love.”  However, I think that it should still be an enjoyable post.  It was inspired by a Facebook post I made a few days ago, and it starts with a story.  Then, it will wrap around to the Facebook posts.

A salient time that I fell in love was early in my freshman year at college, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in mid-September.  I had just finished with my Psychology 288 class, and went on a outing near the dorm.  It was pretty quick, though.   There are thirteen utterances that were particularly salient:

“Love-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-love.” (Noah then loses the game.)

“Love-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-love.” (Noah then loses the game.)

“15-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-love.” (Noah then loses the game.)

“15-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-15.” (Noah then loses the game.)

“Love-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-love.” (Noah then loses the game.)

“15-40.” (Noah then gets broken.)

“40-15.” (Noah then loses the game, set, and match.)

“Good game.” (Yeah, right.  More like Duke playing against a high school freshman team.)

Yep, Noah fell, in love, to his opponent, 0 games to 12 in a 12-game pro-set match.  He knows the rules of tennis, and despite watching a lot of it in high school, was beyond horrendous at actually playing it (and still is!)

Of course, I know that “falling in love” means something completely different, but think about it the next time your favorite team either wins or loses in a shutout.

So, the inspiration for this post was this Facebook post:

“I ‘love’ the fact that Northwestern has a home tennis meet (against Penn State) on Valentine’s Day this year. Get the pun?”

Some of the responses, which when you think about it, can also be puns within themselves:

Aunt Lori responded: “I do!”  Those two words are very much entwined with the idea of love… such as at a wedding ceremony.  Yet, the first thing that came to mind was a simple assent: “I get the pun.”

One of my friends, Andrew, then said, “What the deuce?” Well, that is very ironic, since tennis matches in college this year are played with No-Ad scoring!  Still, I like the anachronistic pun that was made there!

Tim, with whom I still need to “RIIIIIIIOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT” after Northwestern women’s basketball turns the ball over, then chipped in, “Maybe I can set you up and be a matchmaker.”  That is a wonderful multiple entendre!  Of course, the obvious one is the idea of arranged marriages, or being set up.  But, there’s also the use of the word “set” and “match,” i.e. a portion of and the full contest of tennis between two people!

I then responded, saying, “Tim, that’s another great pun. There’s something about it… maybe I’ll blog about that pun on Saturday before I go to the meet!”  Well, you’re reading about these puns right here, so it is almost more like I am providing both the play-by-play and a color commentary as well.  How fun it is to chronicle in strange ways.

Nelson, one of my cousins, then chipped in with “Love it!”  I think I’m zeroing in on the whirlwind of puns here!

Stuffing the ballot box, Tim then had two consecutive posts before another response: “Doubles the fun if I am in a blog!” as well as “Will you begin the blog at 15, 30 or 40 past the hour?”

For the first one, there is the tennis pun of doubles, which I only played a few times… back during the summer after I graduated from high school.  Even then, kids half of my age had little difficulty defeating Levi and me.  And, this is for Tim as well so that he gets the explicit shout out in the blog!  Doubling up on the purpose is always a good thing.

And, I used the Scheduler to post it right at 11:00, as the tennis meet starts.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to move the clock (i.e. score a point) during this game!  Of course, I’m not playing, but I had to add something about the origins of tennis scoring being related to a clock!

But who knows?  Though I have themed this post around tennis, love is a mysterious force.  It can strike anyone at any time, through any method known or unknown to humankind.  Of course, I may not know it until I am whacked around a little bit with a large Mallet of Love… or after I swing and miss again on an easy serve!


Today is the four-hundred and twelfth day of Mission 441.  Twenty-nine days remain.


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