[414/441] Intermediate Band (#4M)

Yesterday, I got a somewhat long-awaited announcement on Facebook that my ten-year high school reunion will be occurring in late May or early/mid-June.  There is a one-and-a-half-out-of-three chance that I will be able to attend.  If it’s on the weekend of Memorial Day, I have to make a tough decision as to whether to do this or Bike The Drive, though I will probably choose the reunion.  If it is June 6, I should be able to.  But June 20 is absolutely off-limits.  My reason will be in my blog post tomorrow.

However, given that it is Monday, and I was not immediately with a post idea, I will join the Blog Hop of #4M (Monday’s Music Moves Me.)  With the previous paragraph as inspiration, I want to head back even further a few years.  When I was in middle school, my favorite exposure to music came from my band class.  Therefore, here are some of the highlights of what I played:

One of my favorite songs from eighth grade band.  At the 2-minute mark, Mr. Schulz gave us the mnemonic “Telephone doolittle pizza, stop, telephone stop” for the pattern of notes (listen to the reeds).

A song that I had stuck in my head for a long time after playing it, but had forgotten the name of it until not too long ago.

Another of my favorites from eighth grade band.

The first song I played in jazz band in middle school.  Also known as the “dah-dut-dut-dah-dut” song.

Played it in a band contest, and afterwards, went for a picnic with Mom and Levi.  That was fun!


Today is the four-hundred and fourteenth day of Mission 441. Twenty-seven days remain.

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