[416/441] Junk all over the floor (#WW)

Even during the winter, I bring my bike into my apartment. To avoid getting the Schmutz all over the floor, I put newspapers underneath my bike, after folding it up outside of my room and schlepping it in.

But, I also have a bad habit of not putting my clothes in the hamper after I am done with them.  Given that I sometimes read newspapers at night and then discard them on the floor, this happens:


Thankfully, my room is small enough that fifteen minutes later, we have this:


The clothes went into the hampers that are not visible, and the newspapers are in a bin that is hidden in the one-o’clock position on this photo.

Reminds me of one time where I totally trashed Casey and Molly’s room back in Fort Dodge. I don’t remember if it was out of spite or just pure juvenile mischief…


Today is the four-hundred and sixteenth day of Mission 441. Twenty-five days remain.


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