[418/441] Three-day sales

The hottest types of sales that I hear about seem to be the One-Day Sales at stores like Macy’s, JC Penney, Dillard’s, Carson Pirie Scott/Younkers/Boston Store/etc., and similar department stores.  I am not much of a patron of those, however.  Yet, there is another type of doorbuster in which I am participating today!

Most grocery stores have a sale cycle that runs from Wednesday to Tuesday, or Wednesday to next Wednesday. (Some will instead do Thursday to Wednesday).  Ever since I have moved to Chicago, most of my grocery trips have been inspired by what I have found in the circulars.  For example, I started shopping for produce at the Village Market Place after seeing bosc pears advertised for 39 cents per pound in the fall of 2009.

Some of you may recall this post’s idea from about 150 days ago… in my talk on Circular Reasoning.

The circulars for Village Market Place have never advertised limited-time sales while I have been in Chicago.  However, the big-boxes Jewel-Osco and Dominick’s (insert Special Information Tone on the latter) do/did.

The common limited-time sale at Dominick’s was the $5 Friday, and also there were often weekend doorbusters.  I rarely participated in them, as most of the products were items in which I would not normally partake.  (I’ll also spare details of what those were, partially because I don’t remember most of them).

Jewel-Osco has also done doorbuster deals, sometimes with the grand reopening of stores, and sometimes just “regularly scheduled.”  The reason I wrote this post is because I’m participating in a doorbuster today… in fact I’m leaving right after I finish writing this post.  Since Wednesday until today, there are “Lenten seafood specials,” which includes salmon for $6/pound.

Though I do not observe Lent, I can’t pass up salmon at that price!  It freezes well, and I’ll have opportunities in the next few weeks to make teriyaki salmon, lox, or other salmon-based recipes.  Might as well take advantage of a good deal, and get a few other items on which I have run out (e.g. cereal)!

Although who knows?  Perhaps at some point I’ll get caught up in a doorbuster not associated with a grocery store.  But, I will NOT get caught up with Black Friday.


Today is the four-hundred and eighteenth day of Mission 441.  Twenty-three days remain.


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