[423/441] Pins and needles!

I’m on needles… Pins and needles!

(Apologies to the Dave Clark Five for the blatant rip-off of this song: Bits and Pieces.)

However, this post is a quickie that was inspired by what happened last night, and is a fairly frequent occurrence for me.

My posture while sitting is often poor.  The most common type of posture that I have while sitting is to sit with one of my feet underneath my derriere.  It is  much better when sitting to have both feet on the ground when sitting, lest I cut off circulation.

But, I still continue to sit on my leg in a strange way.  But, it almost always stops when my leg goes numb, and I then try to stand up.  I get a sharp sensation, and it feels REALLY WEIRD to walk around.  It is almost like a Charley Horse, but not quite as bad.  The worst is when I get a Charley Horse while sleeping, but that has not happened in a long time.

The pins-and-needles sensation happens in various spots.  Most frequently, it seems to happen at Hillel, when I sit on my leg during dinner.  Though I know the sensation is coming, it almost is something that I like, even if it “hurts” a little bit.

The more annoying time that it happens: On the CTA.  I often grade papers on the L, but even if both of my feet are on the ground, evidently I have poor enough posture to create intense numbness.  I often have to stand up and walk around really funny, jumping up and down, stomping my foot in trying to wake it up.  Passengers probably look at me funny, but I don’t mind acting out my body’s annoyances.

Does anyone else have pins-and-needles from numbness as both a pleasurable and an annoying sensation?


Today is the four-hundred and twenty-third day of Mission 441. Eighteen days remain.


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