[424/441] Vivid colors

I have, maybe not so recently, mentioned the idea of how photos are not as vivid as what you can see in real life.  For example, the comment from Mary Schmich on “Short Sweet Summer” was one: a picture of a sunrise or sunset is never as beautiful as seeing the sun with your own eyes.

Another example which I had was with my post “Insufficient,” where I had posted a picture of a sunrise outside my apartment, but the colors in the photo were not sufficient to show the real beauty of the sunrise.

However, the last few days, I have ridden my bike toward the west on very cold, sunny days with a few clouds. Due to the impressive cold, I was wearing thermal protection in the sense of a balaclava and ski goggles… in the Extremist getup.

These goggles, as you can see, have a strong yellow tint to them.  When I look through them, not only does it act somewhat like sunglasses, but it yellows the field of vision.  More specifically, it makes colors a lot more vivid.  A few days ago, the sunset started as I rode my bike home, and the goggles made the sunset even more impressive: it accentuated the purple and orange and yellow of the sky.  I obviously cannot get a picture of what I saw, but I must say that it improves the way that I see!

Of course, I can’t wear the goggles all the time. My face does get goggle marks after I take them off, and it is awkward to wear them. They are not a replacement for glasses, but I do enjoy wearing them anyway. They might help me on rainy days as well, to keep the rain out of my eyes when I ride during the summer.


Today is the four-hundred and twenty-fourth day of Mission 441. Seventeen days remain.


2 thoughts on “[424/441] Vivid colors

  1. This blog post made me chuckle as there’s currently that debate online about whether the dress is blue and black or gold and white – have you seen that? Anyway, it’s seriously dividing people and the whole thing comes down to perspective and how your eyes reflect light. It’s funny how a photo can differ from how it looks in real life!



    • Tay, yes, I’ve seen #TheDress. I thought it was white and gold when I first saw it. I didn’t blog about it, because this “Vivid colors” post was for Thursday morning, and #TheDress invaded social media on Thursday night.

      I love optical illusions.


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