[430/441] Newton Minute revisited (#WW)

To appease the “pics or it didn’t happen” crowd, here is my video that I took on the Newton Minute the last time that I did laundry.

Apologies for the rotation of the frame in the middle of the video. I took it on my phone, and didn’t realize that it would go like that. Should have realized it… and didn’t know how to make it stay “face up.”


Today is the four-hundred and thirtieth day of Mission 441. Eleven days remain.


2 thoughts on “[430/441] Newton Minute revisited (#WW)

  1. Yeah, know I have had Newton Minutes in my life, but never thought to actually time them. Now, I’m kinda curious to run my own test. At least now I know when I see time displayed on my wash cycle that it may not be an actual representation of how long it will really take. lol


    • Indeed. One of my friends also gave another example of Newton Minutes: “3 minutes remaining” when talking about a process on a computer. The estimate is about as correct as the weather person’s guess!


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