[432/441] L15A

I don’t think that the post title will go viral like #TheDress did, but on Monday, the character string that is the title of the post came up for me.  Actually, I alluded to where these characters appear in my post yesterday, but it would have to be explained.  So, let me describe the idea for the post.

For the last two months, although I have journalized all of my financial transactions, I have not actually done the second step of posting them to the ledger.  On Monday night, after returning from my אולפן (ulpan) course, I went to my financial ledger in order to post the outstanding entries.

The journals are labeled with a four-character system: (A)<YY>[X].  The (A) is either R, T, L, or C for Receipts, Transfers, Liabilities, or Payments, respectively. The <YY> is the two-digit year number, so this year <YY> is 15.  And the fourth letter is the page of the journal.  So, as I was posting from the Liabilities Journal to the appropriate accounts in the ledger, I put “L15A” as my Post Reference.

However, the way that I wrote it, it almost looked like I had written “USA,” because the “L” and the “1” were conspicuously close to each other in writing. But, since I know some people are “fluent” in “1337” speak, some might also read it as “Lisa.”

Here is an example of my handwriting with the character string that I have mentioned.  What do you see in the “Post. Ref.” column?




Today is the four-hundred and thirty-second day of Mission 441. Nine days remain.


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