[434/441] Social media and my blog

The world of the Internet seems to be heavily driven by social media. It is a gathering place, a method for consuming news,  and it is several other things as well. I remember my first foray into social media, back in 2006, when Facebook was relatively new and “everyone” was getting it.

Well, I read a blog post from Taylor regarding “leveraging social media for your blog” as part of a strategy for marketing a blog. Some of the tips sound pretty interesting, although I realize some of them will not suit me as well as other bloggers. Let me paraphrase the post and then give my reflections as I have done with my use of social media.

Summary of Yates’s post

There are many different social media sites out there right now, but it seems like the “Big Four” are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (not necessarily in that order). In order to leverage social media, it is important to be able to receive followers, interact with readers and potential readers, and “make the best content.”

On Facebook and Twitter, there exist groups and lists on which blogs can be shared.  These may be good ways to get the name and statements of one’s blog out to people that they don’t know, besides otherwise sharing from within one’s network.  Comments and engaging questions attached to blog notifications may help increase reader engagement, which leads to more follows and networking.

(I will admit that I bypassed reading the Instagram and Pinterest sections, because I don’t have an account on either site, nor do I plan on it in the near future).

Some other sites which are used include Bloglovin’ and Stumbleupon.


Oftentimes, I feel that I dance to the beat of a different drummer when I blog. Although most of my posts are “slice of life” or “what’s going through Noah’s head right now,” they are probably not that popular in the general scheme of things, or at least don’t have the “viral capability” that other sites give. Still, I’d rather have a small, dedicated fan base than a bunch of apple-pickers, per se.

Ever since I started my blog, I have shared all of my posts on Facebook at the time that I publish the post, and after joining the Twitter-verse in late 2013, have posted from my blog to Twitter as well.

I have been a member of Bloglovin’ for a while, but until today, didn’t realize that “Never A Worry” was not attributed to me. Although I have very few followers on Bloglovin’ at this point, part of that may have been that I never linked my blog officially with that site.  The little things that you don’t notice until later can still cause harm, in that sense!

My goal in blogging is not to become a famous writer, but just to have an outlet to share my experiences, thoughts, and randomness that pops up in my life. Because I have so many different interests and write about so many different topics, part of the problem of my blog is that it doesn’t really fit into any known category.  I would love to have a network of people for which to share comments on posts, rather than casual followers who will “like” a post but not leave me any conversation material, as I have mentioned in a recent post.

I added a button for following me on Bloglovin’ today, and wonder if I should also put Facebook and Twitter widgets on my site’s bottom bar.

Will my blog become more focused on a certain topic after Mission 441 is done? We shall see… I figure that this post probably reads as “TL;DR” to some!


Today is the four-hundred and thirty-fourth day of Mission 441. Seven days remain.


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