[437/441] Shift happens

Ooh… dangerously close to upsetting the censors.  I can sometimes be quite shifty! However, I seem to like the word “shift.”  I frequently see it used in the bridge vernacular, as well as using it elsewhere.  Let me describe a few uses of the word and what they mean to me.

As is usual, there are several definitions and parts of speech to the same word, and I wanted to comment on each of them.

SHIFT (verb): to move from one place to another, or to change gears in an automobile.

Not exactly in an automobile, but I instead get to shift gears on my bike. It is the same idea, and indeed, sometimes the mechanisms to change the gears on a bike are called shifters.  In bridge, “move from one place to another” is commonly understood to mean leading a different suit than the suit that was just won.  For example: “West took the opening lead with the ace, and then shifted to a heart.”

SHIFT (verb): to transfer. (Used with a noun)

A good example of the use here is “I shifted the blame to so-and-so.” Clearly, I don’t use this phrase, as I generally try to take responsibility for my own mistakes. Yeah, this is a pretty brief description of this shift.

SHIFT (noun): a transfer.

For example, there is often a shift in the wind just to make it so that I fight the wind on both directions of travel when I am making a bike round trip.  Yes, there I go again with relating it to bikes! I have to, since riding the bike is a big part of my personality. The use of “transfer” is something that I will use at the end of the post… particularly because my post was inspired by a shift.

SHIFT (noun): A person’s scheduled time of work.

When I worked at Runza, my most common shift was 11:00-17:00 on weekends. I occasionally had night shifts, which I didn’t like as much, but these were “necessary” if I wanted to work on weeknights, since I was in school.

SHIFT (noun): The name of the key used to make upper-case letters.

This popped into my head because it reminded me of undergraduate, when the right SHIFT key had popped off my keyboard, and so I had to awkwardly use the left SHIFT key whenever I wanted to use either uppercase letters or special characters on the right-hand side of the keyboard.  Therefore, there were some times of awkward typing.

Should I green-screen in the DEL key?

The SHIFT key and keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard. (Downloaded from Wikipedia)

SHIFT (noun): in American football, when two or more offensive players change position before the snap.


Illegal shift. Five yard penalty. Repeat second down.

So… with all of these definitions, the reason why I wrote this post:

My shift for teaching has shifted this week. Ordinarily, my shift for the noon section was on Thursdays this quarter, but my professor was out of town today.  Thus, my role is to give a recitation and quiz in the lecture section today, and then tomorrow Professor Bostwick will give the lecture during the ordinary recitation time.

So, two shifts shift, and it doesn’t shift my mind too badly. As my title says, shift happens, and you have be ready for it!


Today is the four-hundred and thirty-seventh day of Mission 441. Four days remain.


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