[440/441] In the bag

This post is inspired by a post that I read the other day from The Daily Tay. I would have posted about it yesterday, but I had already written my Riddle post when I had read her post. So, let’s take a look at what was in my bag yesterday… and by bag, I mean backpack.  I do not own a “murse” (man-purse).  Let me spread out the bag on a Table of Contents…

My backpack's contents on Friday.

The Table of Contents of my bag (boo… pardon the bad pun!)

Yes indeed–I can fit a lot of stuff into the bag. Going approximately left-to-right and top-to-bottom:

  • The backpack. OK, I cheated, because I don’t have a backpack within a backpack.  However, on other occasions, I will put empty grocery bags in the backpack or bike panniers. All in the the name of grocery shopping! (Note: the first three words are a different link than the last two.)
  • Computer, mouse, and power cord. On a work day, I’ll transport my computer to and from the office in my backpack. On a non-work day, my computer will NOT be in the backpack.
  • My planner. Although I use Google calendar, I also keep my schedule by the low-tech method. There’s something satisfying about hand-written scheduling for me.
  • Bike lights (with the Brookstone strap), orange safety vest, red winter hat, black gloves.  All of these were in my backpack rather than on my person, because the weather was a balmy fifty degrees (thanks, Kristin and Lindsay) yesterday morning, and it was light outside.
  • Bike helmet. You think I’m going to leave home without it when riding? Not a chance!
  • Chicago Tribune. Yay–no non-subscriber took it for themselves this morning!
  • North by Northwestern. The quarterly magazine form of NBN came out, and I picked up a copy.
  • Long Leggety Beasties and the bubble-wrapped parcel. I had ordered a signed copy from Alienora, and it arrived on Thursday, but I picked it up on Friday morning from my apartment’s front desk.  I’ll have an opportunity to start reading it soon 🙂
  • Pepto-Bismol tablets. It quells my stomach if I am out and somatize something that is completely innocuous.
  • Altoids. And I like to have gum or mints around as another distracting technique if I become aware of my processes.
  • Noah’s Chronicles and pens. When I am out and about, I will sometimes use downtime to write in my journal. My favorite pen for journaling right now is the big purple one (which writes in black), as it was a gift from the parents of one of my friends that I met at a Nebraska watch party this fall.
  • Deck of cards. Another fun, low-tech way to pass time. I have kept cards in my backpack ever since the summer before my ninth-grade year, when I went to the Duke TIP camp and sometimes passed the time by playing solitaire or playing cards with others (e.g. Egyptian Rat or Speed).
  • Clipboard. Filled with research and teaching notes. A must for the office, of course!
  • Lunch. For Friday, it was homemade shawarma-style chicken with Israeli salad, hummus, and tahini in a pita.  The pita, however, did not hold together… and furthermore, I had shawarma AGAIN at Hillel for dinner.  That’s fine by me this time 🙂

Yes indeed… I carry quite a bit in my bag. It’s definitely a little different from Taylor’s items, which is to be expected off the innate differences in situations and dispositions.

What does your carrying item say about you?


Today is the four-hundred and fortieth day of Mission 441. One day remains!


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