[441/441] All squared up

This is it! The conclusion of Mission 441!  It’s been four hundred and forty one days of consecutive blog posts, and although I may have doubted myself at times as to whether I could complete this task, here I am!  As I mentioned when I extended M.M.X.I.V. to Mission 441, part of the rationale was to get 21 squared, since the number 21 was part of the impetus for me to start my blog.

mission accomplished

I’d like to reflect on Mission 441 in this post, as well as to give the answer to the Colonel’s riddle.

Reflection on Mission 441

It has been a lot of fun writing blog posts each day. I would not have made it this many days in a row if it weren’t for The Daily Post, which inspired me a quite a few times with Daily Prompts.  This also allowed me to network with other bloggers, adding their blogs to my Reader feed and inspiring back-and-forth comments.  The Blogging 101 course, then known as Zero to Hero, was wonderful in improving my blogging repertoire and some of the intricacies I would not have considered.

This necessitates a special shout-out to Alienora and Tay, both who have commented on quite a few of my posts, and have inspired me to comment on their posts.  Of course, the last few weeks I have been very bad about reading others’ blogs, because my work toward finishing my dissertation needs to take top billing at this point.  In addition to the comments, there were times where their posts provided prompts for my writing.

I’d also like to thank my cousin Jeff for challenging me to post daily on my blog.  I exceeded the expectation by continuing past 2014, and think that it opened up a new world for me. Though I had blogged before, it wasn’t fully ingrained into my schedule and personality, other than during M.A.P.L.E. and O.C.T.O.B.E.R. Though I will be taking a break from blogging for at least a few days, this is certainly not the last post. I’ll have some more thoughts on this in a few paragraphs, but let me first return to the Riddle.

The riddle

In the post, there were several hints given to the Colonel’s identity.  The first one is that there were three Colonels, with last names of T., S., and C.

A fortnight, the time 15:00, the 92nd class, and the formation of 65 combatants were hints as well.

I intentionally didn’t post this on Saturday, but rather before to get you to think about it.

So, the answer: the title-surname-given name of Col. S is Colonel Sine, Pi.

In math, the kernel of a function is the set of values that make the function equal zero. For the sine function, this is all integer multiples of π.  The mention of the First Through Fourth Brigades was needed: π is the only value for which the sine is zero in the range of 1 to 4.

Col. T. is “Kernel” Tangent, Pi.  The cliff mentioned is the pole (asymptote) for tan(x) as x approaches π/2.

The thing about the attic: This is Euler’s identity that e^(iπ) = -1.

And who is M.P.?  Max Planck, with the identity ћ = h/(2π).

You knew I had to make a math pun, and it was incidentally through this elaborate setup. Whoo-hoo!

Concluding remarks and where we go from here

This post marks the end of Mission 441. It does NOT mark the end of my blog.

I plan on trying to post at least twice a week from here on out, but continue with daily posting during May and October (under M.A.P.L.E. and O.C.T.O.B.E.R. respectively). I will not set an editorial calendar as to when I will post, but expect at least two posts each week.

However, I may take a respite from blogging for this week, and return by March 23. So you may or may not see a post from me by then.

But, if you follow me on social media, what I will do is to post a link to a randomly selected post each weekday on days that I do not post something new. I have seen other bloggers do this before, and this will be my opportunity to encourage people to revisit my posts, or read them for the first time!

All right, so this is the final signoff for Mission 441. Thanks to everyone for the great time, and we will see you soon!


Today is the four-hundred and forty-first day of Mission 441. Mission accomplished!



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