Against the wind

I have written several posts about wind in the past, but I figured that it was salient today, not to mention that there were a few things that I wanted to consider in this post.  Let’s have a look at “against the wind.”

Well, first, since I have given this title, I guess I should incite the “Too much BOB” crowd:

Both yesterday and today, I rode my bike from Evanston to Des Plaines for the Illinois Pokemon TCG State Championship, and then a League Challenge, respectively. On both days, I had either a tailwind or a cross wind on the way to Des Plaines.

Sometimes, the wind shifts over the course of a day, but it didn’t particularly change, despite my presence at the tournament venue from 08:00-19:00 yesterday, and from 10:00-15:20 today.  Therefore, both days I had to fight the wind coming back.

There are some days, however, that even if it is a crosswind or a tailwind, I can “feel” like I am fighting it… until I see a tree rustling or a flag blowing. However, this mental effect can also backfire… if the wind is stronger than what I feel, based on how strongly a flag blows.  Consider this example from 2011, when I fought the wind for about 97 miles:

American flag blowing inward

From the Wrigley Field Road Tour 2011. This was around Mile 40, and the wind was harshly blowing against us.

So, what I wanted to explore: the effect of the wind on the leg of the trip. Assume that you are taking a round trip with approximately the same route both in and out. Would you rather fight the wind on the outbound (i.e. first half) or inbound (i.e. second half)?  I can see merit to both:

Some people might like the tailwind on the outbound. For example, if going to work, having an easier ride there is nice, because you might not want to be sweaty or winded (pun intended) when you get to work.  Of course, that means the return ride is harder, but you’re probably not as worried about getting home all sweaty and physically worn out.

Whereas in some other cases, if you are going somewhere for an activity that can be physically or mentally tuckering, you probably want a harder outbound than inbound. Or, if you’re going to be out late, an easier and faster return ride would be preferable.

What are your thoughts?  Does it depend on the situation, or would you prefer to have the tailwind on either the outbound or the inbound in all situations?  Let me know in the comment section!

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