It sure sounds like a weird topic for a blog post, especially since I have made it into an exclamation! The inspiration for this post comes from reading a post on A Cup Of Tay over the weekend, and laughing about it… yet at the same time realizing that April tends to be a time where I am likely to act!

Noah eating a stick of celery

Pardon the creepy celery-eating selfie :p

Yes, indeed. Allegedly, April is “National Fresh Celery Month.” Yet, the dubious recognition  is further dubious, because according to Foodimentary.com, that month would be March. But according to CDKitchen.com, that month is April. The post in National Day Calendar agrees with CDKitchen.

As previously mentioned, I tend to consume celery most frequently in March and April nowadays, however! This is because it, along with onions and carrots and chicken, are staples in a matzo ball soup.  Although I occasionally have matzo ball soup at other times of the year, I am all-but-guaranteed it over Passover, which is in March or April. I wonder if that is the reason for it? Nah, probably not. But it’s fun to think that as the case. Ha!

However, I have always liked celery, sometimes even just to munch on. Though certainly devoid of much nutritional value, a staple in my lunch in high school was sometimes carrots and/or celery with chocolate pudding. I think I’ve mentioned before on my blog that I like strange combinations (permutations?) of food.

I’m not a big fan or follower of all of these off-the-wall holidays, like National Fresh Celery Month, or even better-known ones like Administrative Professional’s Day. Yes, it’s nice to recognize things on certain days, but how off the wall can you get with celebrations? I think it’s a ploy, and I would like to vote AGAINST!


היום שלושה ימים לעומר

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4 thoughts on “Celery!

  1. Omg I love that you wrote about celery too, and I love the selfie! I agree with you about these celebrations – they get a little ridiculous after awhile. To be honest, I’ll snack on celery IF it has peanut butter and maybe raisins. It’s not ALL bad! lol


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