China (not the country)

If I’m not talking about the country, I must be talking about the nice dishes. Yes indeed, that is what I’m referring to. I used them at the first סדר (seder) on Friday night, but not at Hillel on the Saturday night last week.

However, today, I’d like to balance some on the bridge of my nose.  (Wait a second. Why? Read on to find out.)

Well, here’s a picture of the china that I would try to balance… and would fail miserably!

Fine bone china teacup.

Attribution: David Jackson (from Wikipedia).

Of course I’m not going to do that. Instead, the name of the post is based on two other posts from my blog: one from 2012 and one from last year.  Well… and a third post from two summers ago in some sense.

Let me give a few more hints with some “Throwback Thursday” photos that are a few days early for being Thursday…

Circa late 2014.

Circa late 2014.

Noah writing in a journal

Credit to the Lincoln Journal Star, 12-27-2012.

Travis and Noah

Circa 2009.

Circa 2007.

Circa 2007.

Photo is circa 2013, but the main subject of this photo is circa 1998.

Photo is circa 2013, but the main subject of this photo is circa 1998.

Each of these photos I chose based on (a) being in my collection of photos on my computer and (b) being close-ups or mostly close-ups.

Why? The links should also give hints, as well as the title. Today is my 20th anniversary of wearing eyeglasses!

Yep. The way I remember it: in second grade, it was the day after my Mom’s birthday, where we went to the eye doctor in the plaza at 1st Avenue South and South 27th Street in Fort Dodge. I got a bulky pair of glasses which looked like my Grammy’s glasses.

These glasses held up surprisingly well, given that I was very rough on my possessions. Well, we did frequently have to go to the eye doctor to get new nose pads, as I had a habit of chewing them off out of boredom or just an Aspergian tic.

Fast forward from 1995 to 1998, in January (or it may have been December). As seen in the last picture, you see a Popsicle stick on the frame. That was Mom’s very creative method to hold my glasses together while waiting for a new pair. I never got any splinters by wearing them, thankfully!  And what about if I were bullied at that time? I would not have noticed.

The glasses became pretty much a non-story for a while. I got new pairs on other occasions, but mostly it was just an attempt to keep me “current” with fashion, whatever that means.

Well, until September 2010, that is. The pair of frames that I had worn well for a while snapped at the nose bridge right in the middle of the Central Michigan/Northwestern football game! Thankfully, (a) my sunglasses clips kept the glasses together by magnetism, and (b) I had my previous pair of glasses in my apartment.

That pair lasted until this summer, not due to failure, but due to going for a new fashion.

For twenty years of wearing glasses. I couldn’t imagine myself NOT wearing them.


היום ארבעה ימים לעומר.

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3 thoughts on “China (not the country)

    • It seems that difficulty of sight is an increasing problem in the world, so it is certainly plausible that you might be wearing glasses at some point.

      Have you ever worn sunglasses? It’s pretty much the same idea, only eyeglasses have lighter lenses.

      Having worn eyeglasses for 20 of my 27.8 years, I now look preposterous when NOT wearing them. Of course, I’m probably legally blind if I were not wearing them!


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