Spring has sprung!

One thing that I find about living in Chicago is that even when the calendar says spring, the weather does not always cooperate.  This also seemed true in Nebraska as well, but clearly the non-spring-like spring has become more salient to me as I have become more aware of my environment in the last several years.

Yesterday, I wore a short-sleeved polo shirt and shorts to go to the office, and although I had a jacket in my backpack, as well as windpants just in case, I did not have to use them.  My activity outside involved about ten miles of bike riding, and I did not get cold at all (maybe a slight chill, but nothing to which motion did not tend.

The first day of the season where not being bundled up is a viable option: it’s a great feeling to know that you have survived the winter!

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I should immediately stow my cold-weather gear.  There have been plenty of examples of late-April and early-May days (and sometimes even late May!) when the weather has not been warm enough to be comfortable in short sleeves and shorts.

For example: Cinco de Mayo of last year in Chicago. The temperature was quite chilly, and the wind was strong. Mom, Dad, and I were at the Cubs/White Sox game at Wrigley Field, and were waaaaaaaay up in the nosebleeds, suffering from a 30-mph wind buffeting our faces the whole game.  The sight lines were great, and it was fun being at the park, but it was an exercise in patience and tolerance!

Another consideration of spring: it is very easy to get sunburnt on one of the first days that you spend outside.  I remember quite a few April days where I got fairly deep sunburns after being at Husker baseball all day, or when my sixth grade class went on a 48-hour retreat to Camp Kitaki (sixteen years ago at the end of this month!).  Well, the latter was most noticeable on my scalp, as I had tried to cut a patch of hair by myself. Not very successful!

But, I forestalled that possibility when I was outside on Saturday watching Northwestern tennis. I also walked along the Sculpture Park trail with a friend, and I have found that just walking around with friends is one of my favorite activities. It costs nothing, and is very low-key, yet gives me satisfaction.

What parts of spring are most satisfying to you?


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