My inspiration for this post was reading a post from Ranu, as well as remembering one of the more difficult improv games that I have played in practices.

The improv game “Rashomon” is one where there is a “neutral” scene with three characters. At the end of the scene, it is repeated three times, each time through the perspective of one of the characters. So, I’m going to attempt the same thing here.  This may be tough for me, since I don’t always fit well into others’ shoes… but let’s try it!

Narrator’s perspective

A man and a woman walk through the park together holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry.

Man’s perspective

I thought to myself, ‘What a perfect day today is. It’s a balmy sixty-eight degrees in late March, I’m with Sally, and the sun is out.’

As Sally and I were walking along the Channel Trail, holding hands, different sculptures popped up to talk about. There was something which looked like a hotel that I had seen before, but Sally thought that it looked like a wedding cake. She’s had weddings on her mind lately, because her friends are getting married left and right.  But I’m not ready for that commitment yet.  And the cherry bomb? No, Sally thinks it’s a pear! Well, I guess I can see that.

Along the way, we passed a park bench, where an older woman was knitting a red sweater. I started to break out in sweats, and I couldn’t help crying. This woman was the splitting image of my grandmother Gladys, and I was inconsolable at her funeral. I can’t see red sweaters of that size without thinking of her.

Sally looked at me, and tried to calm me down. But it’s too much thinking about my Mel…

Woman’s perspective

My boyfriend Andrew is quite weird.  He always seems to show the same expression, with a stony face. I know that he has some kinds of emotions, because he has professed his love to me before.  Not to mention that we’re holding hands as we walk along this park.

It’s a bit chilly for me, though, because this “spring” weather in Chicago is really cold for me, being from Texas.  Yet, he thought it was too hot down there.  Wow… how will this work out if we do decide to get married?

Speaking of marriage, we just walked by a neat sculpture which looks like a wedding cake, but on top of it are two candles. Would that make it a second anniversary cake? But, that didn’t register with Andrew, as he thought it looked like a hotel that he had seen before. Weird!

We walked past a park bench where someone’s grandmother was knitting a small red sweater. That’s cute–I loved when my aunts and grandmothers knitted me things.

But then I see Andrew start to cry… blubbering something about “Mel.”  Has he been cheating on me?  And why was he never emotional before?

Old woman’s perspective

It feels good to be outside–I’ve been cooped up inside all winter.  My grandkids are out playing Frisbee golf, whatever that is.  It’s evidently a new game that they enjoy.  But I’ll just enjoy the sun, and knit this sweater for my precious granddaughter Tracy.

Another young couple walks past me, and I can tell that they’re in love. But the lad sees my sweater and starts crying.  I don’t know if I should try to calm him down… because I don’t know him.  I hate to be a heartless old lady, but my sister in law was in a similar situation a few years ago, and I’ll just say that it did not end well.  The lad who cried back then was shedding crocodile tears.

Besides, I’m almost done, and George will be here shortly with the kids.


היום שבעה עשר יום, שהם שני שבועות ושלושה ימים לעומר




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