Alternate venue

Ordinarily, I find that I am most productive on doing work on research at my office at Northwestern.  However, because I am doing math research, I can technically work from everywhere: most of the time all I need is pencil and paper, or LyX (basically, something for writing down my math).  I am not a slave to a laboratory!

Today, although I have put in a full eight hours of work on my thesis, zero percent of that occurred at the office today!  My advisor was busy all day, which is one of my main reasons that I would actually need to go into the office (the other reason is on days that I have teaching responsibilities or meetings).

כי היום יום העצמאות, הייתי בפידלר הלל בצהריים. היה ארוחת צהריים בחדר ר”א, וד’ר סופרין אמרה על ההיסטוריה של ציונות. אני חשבתי שהיה מעניין מאוד. אחר-כך, עבדתי במחקר עד שש-עשרה. עשיתי חלות ב”חלה פור הונגר” והיה כיף. אז אכלתי ארוחת ערב: פלאפל, ועשיתי שיחות עם חברים על ישראל, על כיתות, ועוד

(Translation: Because today was Israel’s independence day, I was at Fiedler Hillel during the afternoon. There was a lunch in Room 201, where Dr. Sufrin talked about the history of Zionism. I thought it was really interesting. Afterward, I worked on research until 16:00. I made challot at “Challah For Hunger” and it was fun. Then, I ate dinner: falafel, and made conversations with friends about Israel, classes, and more.)

Earlier in the morning, I was working at home. I think that as my deadline for my thesis and defense near, I will be able to use the desperation in order to be more productive wherever I am.  But, I’m still keeping Shabbat as sacred from academic work.  That’s still my compromise!

Tomorrow, I’ll work at the office.  Though I was productive today outside of the office, it may have been particularly effective since it was a change of pace.  A change of venue when your work is portable can be quite refreshing, and may give your mind a better way to work.  Who knows?  Give it a try!


היום תשעה עשר יום–שהם שני שבועות וחמישה ימים לעומר

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