Creative chronicles

There are so many different ways to tell a story of your life or at least a phase in your life. Some people will tell these stories directly, by face-to-face (or text-to-text) conversations. Others will use videos, others might use comics, and I would guess that today, some people chronicle entirely in Emojis.  (I definitely do not fall into the latter camp!)

The interesting thing that I find about blogging: even when my posts are NOT of the “Day-In-The-Life-Of-Noah” variety, I still feel that they are chronicling my life. After all, they must be inspired by either something that happened to me, that I did, or that I thought about.

A few days ago, I saw a YouTube video titled “Positives about being an Aspie.”  Naturally, as one myself, I chose to watch it, and it was a neat take on it.  I found that she (her YouTube handle is TheAnMish) does an excellent job of chronicling her thoughts about Asperger syndrome on these videos. Of course, since even Aspergians are on a spectrum within a spectrum, no two experiences are the same.

For reference, I’ve linked the video here.

Sometimes, I go back through archives of webcomics like xkcd, PhD, or Spiked Math.  When I was looking at the lattermost, one of the random posts  in which I encountered was a quasi-comic within a comic.  It was referring to a sort of “mourning” for the “I kinda quit” of Brown Sharpie, another math comic.

Well, I know (knew?) the cartoonist for Brown Sharpie, Courtney Gibbons.  She was in my Analysis course that I took at a junior at UNL (when she was a first-year graduate student there).  She wrote the comic, and although there were several of them that were pure math concepts above my head, the ones about grad school and about calculus and analysis I could relate to.  In that way, Brown Sharpie may have been something that got me thinking about a similar online presence.

Indeed, although I don’t draw comics, my blog posts tend to be things about my life, work, and grad school.  We will see what it turns into in a few months after I attain my PhD, but the blog will definitely continue.

Chronicling has always been fun for me, so why should I quit now?  The answer: I won’t!

So, there are YouTube series.  There are web-comics. There are direct blogs. There is Instagram.  What else do you use to creatively chronicle?


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