[M.A.P.L.E. IV-14] TBT: August 29, 2007

It’s Thursday, so I wanted to do  a #TBT post, bringing back one of my old journals. There is no rhyme or reason to why I chose this particular post, but we’ll just have to play along with it. It was the third day of my junior year at UNL.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Like usual, I got up at 6:25 with no trouble. Today’s garb was my USAMTS T-shirt. After dressing and doing… er, other stuff, I biked off to Abel. It was a bit chilly, but at least it was dry! My shoes squeak easily—Theresa [the ID scanner] could hear me from 500 feet away! She said, “I know why you’re here!” I got the chocolate chip pancakes and some pineapple too. Today’s Good Morning America had coverage of the Hurricane Katrina area, two years later (wow, it has been that time)!

The pancakes were good! I left Abel after I was done and headed back to Neihardt. The round trip was .660 miles: I don’t know if I am properly calibrated. As long as I am within 10% or so! Then, I journaled from yesterday, listened to Battle of the Sexes, and did some various things until it neared 9:10. Once I am back into the swing of things, the puzzles will (likely) return.

I biked to Brace Lab on a very crowded sidewalk, but avoided collisions with everyone. It took 15 minutes before class began (Yay for hyper-earliness!) Today’s class was just more review: it included the 0th Law of Thermodynamics, temperature scales, Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, and other fundamentals. Either this class will be very easy or very hard… but we shall see! The happy medium is still possible.

I returned to my room and started reading into limits again, as Dr. Donsig indicated that the class may skip around a bit. This could be annoying! I just highlighted at this point: I think that highlight-then-notes may be effective. Of course, can I do journal transfer AND notes transfer too? We shall see! I also journaled up to this point and soon it was noon. (Nice rhyme!)

“The destination of this train is Harper.” I took 16th Street to The Village and snaked up through to reach HSS. I found an unused stall and parked there. Up the staircase I went, and then I got beef stew and mashed potatoes with a biscuit. I sat at a table with roommates from Aurora, Nebraska (darn! I lost their names…) and stared eating. My combination was really good: it almost tasted like creamed beef [i.e. creamed turkey].

The clock read 12:30, so I had plenty of time. I dropped off my tray and headed out the entrance. The old exit is now an emergency exit only! Thus, my Trek took me to Oldfather, as I sat in front of room 304 taking [Math] 825 notes. I think I might be rusty for this course at first, but I need to be able to understand. DO NOT FEAR OFFICE HOURS.

Today, we constructed the rational numbers from field axioms to prepare for limits. I am not sure why we have to construct the number systems for each class, but there must be a reason. We got to limits, and we started by debunking the half-truth that a limit indicates getting closer and closer to some L. Instead, we have to have a window for every ε that is possible. But this uses n instead of δ. Oh well!

We also got the homework for next Wednesday—I plan to start tonight and go from there. At 14:22, I took the skywalk down to Burnett Hall and again sat in the T-zone of the auditorium (aisle seat, row 2, north side). Today, in [Psychology] 350, we worked with research hypotheses, knowledge sources, and some interactive quizzes (but not with clickers). It’s a lot of material, but it is not difficult at all. Cal says, “This isn’t rocket science!” And I realize that it is not field biology either. [This summer in RUTE, Chad had said, “[Field biology] isn’t rocket science; it’s harder than that!”]

After that class ended, I returned to Neihardt. I got started on the 350 homework once again by going online for the Prelude and then doing the assignment. Evidently I struggled mostly with confusing measurement validity and statistical conclusion validity. I certainly will need to improve my strategy before the week after the USC football game. This will be the first Big Game for that class.

When I finished that and printed everything, I returned to the room and made a quick turnaround to Selleck for dinner. Chicken cornbread pie was the idea, with fries to boot. I cannot recall any of the social details… but I was not paying much attention either. Ha!

I returned to Neihardt, and more homework ensued. I started with math, attempting a few of the problems on the assignment. The first problem was odd (the old liar/guilty problem), but I suspect that there could be more than one in each part. The second problem was odd, because I didn’t think the hint really helped: I think induction is going to be easier on this than finding a contradiction. By that time, the clock had struck 19:00, so I met with some of the [Piper 4] members and went downstairs.

We met with some Heppner 3 ladies and walked. I met McKenzie, Jamie, and a few others. Our conversations included the basic get-to-know-you questions and branched into dealing with change. I also had the radio tuned to the Saltdogs game in my pocket. As we walked, some shady man approached our group and started ratting on Lincoln, how our museums are terrible, our churches are meaningless, everything is blighted, we’re not Minneapolis and even the ghettos have Wendy’s, we’re big snots, and blah blah blah blah blah blah…. and then when we lose him, where does he go? Wendy’s!

That was the end of that, and we had no other odd incidents en route to Ivanna Cone. I treated one of the ladies to a half-price cone and of course failed to get her name. I had blueberry and Oreo mint ice creams (aka purple cow and green monster). They were even better than what we had in Boston. At the tables, locales, sports, interests, and all sorts of other things permeated the chat. This was a fun social!

We walked back to UNL and had no run-ins [with crazy characters]. Each crosswalk I decided to [walk signal], but I don’t think anyone commented on it. Oh well! I also listened to the Saltdogs game… they were trading runs with the Saints and trailed 2-5 in the middle of the game. I diverged from the group in order to get to the Union for Phi Sigma Pi.

I found a locked Regency A, but B was open, so I [sneaked] in the back way and evaded Regency C totally since I was wearing my USAMTS T-shirt… [My Math Bowl team had a 0-4 record in Regency C in high school, including losing twice to our rivals from East]. There was a lot of noise outside: a Catholic student group, FOCUS, was having an ice cream social. Fast forwarding to the meeting, it was a quick set-up-the-calendar meeting that ended promptly.

Before crashing, I finished listening to the Saltdogs game. We lost AGAIN, 5-9. We need to pull a Red Sox [2004 ALCS] now – I don’t want a three-and-BLANK [there’s one-and-done, two-and-BBQ, and I suppose three-and-out.]. It was 22:00 and then I turned in for the night.



Today is the fourteenth day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes two weeks.

היום ארבעים יום–שהם חמישה שבועות וחמישה ימים לעומר

Countdown to “D-Day” is 18 days.

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