[M.A.P.L.E. IV-17] Musical Memories Shuffle XIX

Nineteen posts of shuffles, but I haven’t done one this year! Well, let’s change that. 🙂

The rules are the same, and I’ll include the songs in hyperlinks when possible.

  1. Wind Scene (Medieval Theme) from Chrono Trigger. One of many themes from this game that still get stuck in my head. It brings back good memories of when I used to live in Fort Dodge, and one of my babysitters had this game.
  2. Don’t Lose My Number by Phil Collins. Despite being an 80’s song, and I like said song, nothing immediately jumps out of the page, memory-wise. However, the lyrics (!) get me thinking about how the song would go if it were written today… given all the ways that you have to find somewhere “that I can find you.”
  3. 25 or 6 to 4 arr. by Dave Koz & Friends. One of my favorite Chicago songs, and hearing this version live at Ravinia on July 4, 2014 was a lot of fun. This version is so much better in person, but hearing the studio version will bring back the great memories of that evening.
  4. הופ הופ by מיקי גבריאלוב (Hop Hop by Micky Gavrielov): As I started (re)learning Hebrew, I became better with understanding some of the words in songs. This one is pretty fun to listen to, as well. המדרכה (ha-meed-ra-cha) is the sidewalk… a place that I am not often on, since I ride my bike!
  5. The Way You Do The Things You Do by the Temptations: The jazzy background is the part that I like the most about the song. I can’t remember what specific memory it comes from, but to avoid just rambling, I will say that my favorite lyric in the song is “And baby you’re so smart, you know you could have been a schoolbook.”  (Why? Should be obvious.)
  6. Angel Don’t Cry by Toto: One of the first Pandora stations that I started was with the artist seed Toto. I knew that I had liked Rosanna and Africa, both of which I think I have mentioned on this blog before, and the first song that it suggested was another Toto song that I had never heard before: this was the one! The style is much different from the aforementioned ones, but it really encouraged me to look at their other songs!
  7. Waterfalls by TLC: Yikes! I had written on this song way back in my second post of this sequence, and had mentioned the Mondegreen about Jason Waterfalls. When I downloaded the song, I found that it was a non-edited version that did not play on the radio.  This version includes a rapping part (beginning with the lyrics “I seen a rainbow yesterday…”) which questions faith, contains an explicit drug reference, and gives me second thoughts about the song!  Yet another example of a case where I like a song for a memory or musical aspect, but then the lyrics potentially ruin it!
  8. חי by עופרה חזה (Chai by Ofra Haza): I heard it on Israeli radio and immediately liked it, because of the high energy, as well as the positive message. I also heard it at Israel Solidarity Day two years ago at Ravinia in a canned version.
  9. You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees: This was one of the songs that Southeast’s Band of DOOM played, though I don’t think I ever danced to it!
  10. Battle (OST-12) from Chrono Trigger. Related to #1 on this post, but I’ll have a specific memory based on one time I heard it on my MP3 player. That time would be when I had just left the UNL Dairy Store and headed for the MoPac trail to go to Mom and Dad’s office.
  11. Take The Long Way Home by Supertramp: This song came on immediately following Rhythm of My Heart when I was leaving my Math 208 final exam and heading to Southwest for a Knights basketball game back in 2004.
  12. No Dice by Beirut: This song I heard for the first time on WNUR a few years ago. The pure instrumental song, as well as the sound of it, drew me in immediately. I don’t know what about it did the trick, but it sounded distinct from the other songs in the vicinity.
  13. Holding Hands by Ryan Farish: I like the song for its unbridled innocence that it shows to me… just like that of young lovers. At some point when I am holding hands with someone special, I could very well hear this song playing in my head… especially if we are on a walk along some serene path such as a park, lakeside, or forest.
  14. Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas: This is the opening song on The Best of Kansas CD, so got the primacy effect when I played it after receiving said CD for my eleventh birthday. (Point of Know Return was second.) I still like the song a lot, and if it comes up again on a future shuffle, there is definitely a second (recent) memory!
  15. I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross: No specific memory comes in the territory of this song, and that seems to be a pattern for these Motown-style songs. I can certainly like a song without a specific memory. And yes, it’s sort of sidestepping the point of this post, but I have to be going now anyway. Sorry about that!


Today is the seventeenth day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes two weeks and three days.

היום שלושה וארבעים יום–שהם שישה שבועות ויום אחד לעומר

Countdown to “D-Day”: 15 days.

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2 thoughts on “[M.A.P.L.E. IV-17] Musical Memories Shuffle XIX

  1. Excellent post, Noah – and a great universal theme: Many of us associate specific events with music; I think it is one of life’s richest pleasures myself, that interplay between events and one or more of the senses. x


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