[M.A.P.L.E. IV-22] Superfan Day

I have mentioned in three previous posts [note: each word links to a different post] about my Superfan status in sports and other pursuits. Well, yesterday I got to participate in a LOT of superfandom all in the same day… and the particular day (May 21) may encourage me to christen the day as Noah’s Superfan Day.  Or maybe the third Thursday in May! Let me explain.

Yesterday, I was invited to the Northwestern All-Sports Staff meeting, and it started with a few students. Specifically, Karly Roser started by addressing the meeting’s attendees, reflecting on her four years as a Northwestern basketball player. She attested to the family atmosphere of the athletic department.

Then, I was recognized for being a superfan, which included me getting a personalized “1” jersey (see photos below). It also included a video montage of me appearing at a variety of Northwestern games (although some of the video clips included close-ups when I was sporting the unflattering Omer beard :p ). I made an impromptu speech completely off the top of my head, where I thanked all of the staff for the family environment, and essentially showing the reciprocity. One of my colleagues took a video of my speech, but I don’t currently have said video–if I do, I may post an addendum to this post.

Noah jersey obverseNoah jersey reverse

The two aforementioned photos quickly appeared on social media, and I got distracted the remainder of the afternoon due to my Facebook and Twitter notifications blowing up on my phone.

In some sense, the unproductivity of yesterday afternoon reminds me of my “senior skip day” that was ten years ago on the third Thursday of May.  At Southeast, a dubious tradition was for seniors to skip classes the day before prom–I did not partake in this tradition. However, the third Thursday of May (May 19, 2005) I did ditch classes. However, it was for a school activity: watching the State Tennis Tournament in Omaha!  My classes were pretty much all dead time at this point of the school year anyway.

Going to the tournament was my strongest manner of superfandom in my high school years, because it was the furthest distance from Lincoln, and during the school day. Although the Knights didn’t advance very far in the tournament, I think that the tennis squad greatly appreciated my presence, and during one of the breaks, a rare photo appeared (I didn’t get into many photographs during high school–cameras were not as ubiquitous back in 2002-5!)

State Tennis 2005

Go back in the time machine from 2005 to 2015. Yesterday, I also got to participate in Challah For Hunger, go to WNUR to listen to one of my favorite shows (“In A Dark-Dark Room”) from the OACR, then go to watch the SPG Third Thursday show, and finally to attend my final ShireiNU concert as an NU student.

You may have noticed that I mentioned nothing about my time at UNL. Well, that’s because by mid-May, UNL was already out for the summer… and they likely would have done any recognition prior to the end of the academic year.

It’s been a great ride over the last ten years in developing my personality as a Superfan, and I feel that these two bookends allow me to christen May 21 as Noah Superfan Appreciation Day. It fits in well with the fact that I have already declared July 21 as a personal holiday.

I hope that this post doesn’t read as any sort of braggart’s gloating–it is certainly not intended as such.


Today is the twenty-second day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes three weeks and one day.

היום שמונה וארבעים יום–שהם שישה שבועות ושישה  ימים לעומר

Countdown to “D-Day:” 10 days.

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