[M.A.P.L.E. IV-27] Blogger vs. Writer

This post is somewhat a follow-up to my “Unexpected response” post from a few days ago. On it, I had mentioned some of the likes from bloggers that I have not before known about.

Well, it gives me a distinction between blogger and writer. In some sense, I toe the line between the two, and wanted to give examples.

My schema of a blogger is someone who uses a blog (duh). More specifically, to me the term “Blogger” (notice the capitalization) is applicable to aliases whose posts are primarily those that are “shareable” on social media, such as photos or videos, listicles, or similar informal writing. Additionally, if I have never read a person’s blog before, my standard designation is Blogger. A few examples of Bloggers that I follow are A Small Act of Kindness… and most sports bloggers that I read.

On the other hand, some people who use blogs will use them for formal writing, (almost) exclusively. These individuals I consider to be Writers. This formal writing can include either long-form prose or short-form writing (such as poetry or short stories). Despite my distinction here, I am not insinuating that Writing is necessarily superior or inferior to Blogging, but I am just trying to make a distinction here. Examples of Writers that I follow are Alienora and Sue Vincent (possibly coincidentally, both of them are across the pond).

There is a third category of bloggers, and I’ll go ahead and do a portmanteau and call them Wroggers (myself included). [NOTE: I was originally going to choose the portmanteau Blighters, but decided against it] These are the hybrid of Bloggers and Writers, and I would certainly put myself in this camp. Some of my posts are informal writing, such as listicles, photo galleries, or experimental prose. Other posts of mine are fully formed arguments, and may not always be enjoyable to casual readers. As I mentioned on Monday’s post, I try to make a variety of posts.

A fourth category that I will give is Friends, which extends to any blogger that I have met in person. In all of these cases up to this point, all of the bloggers on my Friends list were people that I already knew before I learnt that they were bloggers. Because my categories of Blogger, Writer, and Wrogger could seem judgmental, I want to exclude people whom I personally know in person from those labels.

What are your opinions about different styles of writing on the Web?


Today is the twenty-seventh day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes three weeks and six days.

Countdown to D-Day: 5 days! More specifically, there are 110 hours and 16 minutes until the defense.

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2 thoughts on “[M.A.P.L.E. IV-27] Blogger vs. Writer

  1. I would totally agree with you on this distinction, Noah – and have, in fact, been thinking along very similar lines myself recently. Thank you for including me in the Writers sub-group! I think it possible to be very good at one, and not the other – though some balanced and talented souls (and I’d count Sue in this group) have both. If I am to be honest, I am a better writer than I am a blogger; in fact, I would say that I lack certain of the social skills necessary to make a genuine success as a blogger on a big site like WordPress. A most thought-provoking post! x


    • That’s a great analysis, Ali, although I don’t know Sue’s presence on social media that much beyond her blog. Indeed, I know you are a great writer, even if the social aspect of a blog is more challenging to you.

      I know marketing is not my forte either, yet my writing is diverse enough that I think I do both fairly well. (Granted, that comment may come off as arrogant–apologies if it seems that way.)


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