[M.A.P.L.E. IV-30] Subtly primed

On Thursday, a song got stuck in my head, even though I had not actually heard the song in a very long time. In retrospect, there was probably a subtle reason why it turned into an earworm. For that, I will have to give the story of another song that got stuck in my head a few years ago in a similar situation.

Although this post is about music, since there are multiple artists, I can’t call it a Saturday Songsuasion, however…

During my early times living in Evanston, I would frequently get Gala apples when going to the grocery store. Because of a Mondegreen lyric that I had developed from my understanding of America’s Ventura Highway, I heard “Gala” lizard rather than “Gator” lizard. Therefore, this song always played in my head for a while as I went to get groceries, together with the “Do-do-do-do” chorus. Ha!  Below is the song.

We now consider Thursday. In the early part of the day, I got a song stuck in my head that I have not heard in a while, though the song was popular when it was new. And it has a Mondegreen part too: during the chorus, the actual lyrics follow:

“Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay

And the voices rang like the angels sing”

The way I heard it? “Hey no way, no way, no way! And the voices bang and the angels sang.”  Translation: Not even close!

Well, on Thursday, I made a loop around south Evanston to get some groceries and some household items, via Target, OfficeMax, and Food 4 Less. The latter place is a Kroger grocery store brand… and the singer of the song Into The Night is Chad Kroeger (and in fact, is from Nickelback.  Yes, go ahead and throw protest signs at me saying, “NOAH LISTENS TO NICKELBACK!” Although I never hated the song when it was new in 2007, it never was my favorite either.  Then again, in many songs where Santana plays the guitar, it makes the rest of the song at least bearable for me.

Musical references were all over the place today, when I went to a meeting of Aspies to play board games. Frequently, the conversation led to something which would conjure a song reference–from any generation!  I enjoyed it a lot.

But, when I left at 16:00, it was raining and cold. It reminded me of this song:


Today is the thirtieth day of the fourth round of M.A.P.L.E. That makes four weeks and two days.

Countdown to “D-Day” is 2 days. More specifically, 42 hours and 50 minutes remain.


2 thoughts on “[M.A.P.L.E. IV-30] Subtly primed

  1. Ah, I can identify with so much of this, Noah, from getting songs stuck in my head through to the often hilarious mishearing of lyrics. I love your ‘earworm’ expression: perfect! x


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