SUPERSESSION: the state of being superseded.

This post is longer than a related post, but it is the same idea… as supersession has occurred on three related accounts today.  So, I suppose this is a quasi-listicle!

I might as well cut to the chase and give the biggest one first. As from the related post:

1. I PASSED MY THESIS DEFENSE! My title has (unofficially) changed from Mister Noah Weiss to Doctor Noah Weiss!

And, I might as well take the “creative” Facebook profile picture that I used for this occasion…

I'm now (unofficially until  August) Dr. Noah Weiss!

I’m now (unofficially until August) Dr. Noah Weiss!

(The unofficial part: I will not officially be a Ph.D. until I have the degree in hand. But for most intents and purposes, I’m calling it now!)

2. This accomplishment has become my largest accomplishment since advancing to candidacy. Hence why it essentially supersedes my “Four Word Post.” Granted, that post will not be deleted, as it was still a momentous occasion for me at the time, and was part of the journey.

3. Seeing June 1 as a “Bad Day” has been superseded given the joy of finishing the defense. During my undergraduate years, June 1 was either a bad day or a neutral day.  During my graduate years, June 1 was often a neutral day, but this makes up for all the bad June 1s that I experienced.  From the car stuck in the mud in 2007, to the algebraic head-bashing in 2006, it is great to see how far I’ve come!

Of course, the best is yet to come! Stay tuned!

And since D-Day is now over, I have two new countdowns: to “A Knight To Remember” (my high school reunion) and to my Ph.D. hooding ceremony!


Countdown to A Knight To Remember: 5 days.

Countdown to Ph.D. hooding ceremony: 18 days.

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