Life is a highway (part 1)

Well, given the title of my post, I guess that I should cite a certain song here…

The front matter of this post, however, is relevant to the back matter of many of my blog posts. Let’s explore this a little bit!

Ever since “Up and Down” last month, each of the signature lines in my posts have had count-ups and/or count-downs. Come to think about that, maybe I can make something about that my blog’s tagline and unique factor.

It seems that I am always excited for something new just around the corner. During the Challenges (i.e., M.A.P.L.E., O.C.T.O.B.E.R., M.M.X.I.V.), I ended each post with a count-up.

Well, this count-up appears on highways (at least in the United States) when you are traveling from west to east or from south to north. You’re going by and counting the mile markers (which usually increments by one-fifths).  Hmm… one fifth… like a unit of the traditional work week!

On my recent posts, I have had two counts. One was a count-up for M.A.P.L.E., and the other was a countdown for D-Day.

And on Monday, I had two countdowns: one for A Knight To Remember, and one for the Ph.D. hooding ceremony. Though I won’t be posting every day, I will be listing these countdowns (and others!) each time that I write a new post!  Of course, as I pass certain landmarks, other landmarks will appear.

What does this multiple countdown remind me of? The signs with enumerated exits and distances… like my artist’s representation from my “Think of it as” post from more than two years ago (reprinted here for convenience).

Bikeway signAs a post-script on this post, since I’ll be in Nebraska tomorrow and Sunday, I’m going to post some highway pictures for an epilogue to this post… probably on Monday.

And with this idea… I’m wondering. Should I make this counting my blog’s theme? I won’t change the title, but plan on changing the tagline, and adding tabs for “spurs of the road.” And I plan on updating the “About” page.  The basic idea: we’re traveling on a highway of life, and my posts represent exits on the highway, sometimes leading to road spurs or frontage roads when I have a sequence of related posts!

However, I’m not going to retrofit all of my 700 previous posts with road signs. Those posts must represent the primitive roads with no signage!

Readers: what do you think of this idea? Good idea? Bad idea? No preference? Let me know in the comments!


A Knight To Remember: Next Exit

Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony: 14 days

Branch Cut #28: 28 days

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