Because of the title of this post, just like my most recent post, I’ll preface it with a song, even though the purpose of the post is not the song itself. Ha! Instead, what I’d like to talk about is the changes of paper usage in my life that I have considered.

For over fifteen years, I have used a planner notebook, i.e. a calendar for notation of daily activity. It was motivated by various color-coding that I have previously mentioned twice in my blog.  Similarly, as I mentioned in an blog post chronicling my chronicles from three years ago, my early journals were ALWAYS in paragraph format. I didn’t do daily journaling until my sophomore year of college.

However, with the increasing use of computers, I am considering a way to save some paper as well as some time when journaling.

For the last few years, ever since I got a smartphone, I have started using Google Calendar in addition to my pen-and-paper planner.  Also, I have transcribed my journals onto my computer and/or blog in addition to the handwriting of the journals.

A few things over the last year, however, have convinced me to make some changes to my traditional use of planners and journaling.

The calendar planners normally cost at least ten dollars. Although this is not that expensive as a once-a-year expense, I find that I don’t always use the planner to its full advantage, given that I also use my journal and my Google Calendar, and in fact, having three places makes it more likely for me to write something down and then misplace the information.

Additionally, when I have written in my journals, I often leave many unused pages as a result of choosing to start a new notebook every four months.  Therefore, I thought about this, and decided that it might be wiser for me to use a page or two in my journal each week to act as a Planner Page for notes on what is about to happen that week. It also may help jog my memory if I leave journaling in arrears for a few days!

Another thing which has come up, and is somewhat related to my Journal Arrears. When I started journaling, it was always in paragraphs but often didn’t have many details, and certainly only described actions. I started adding details in college, but noticed that when I journaled on special occasions, it would often take away from the experience as I was trying to keep up with the writing.

When I was in Lincoln this last weekend, I did not do a full journal, and decided that for days of special events, I can keep a “full journal” without taking the whole day journaling. Instead of writing full paragraphs in action, I am going to simply add more details to my normal bullet points when “in action.” Then, when the event is over, I will reconstruct those details into full paragraphs, writing those full paragraphs into the computer only.

This will have the advantage of making it so that when I later transcribe other journal entries, I won’t have the time-consuming full journal entries once my arrears starts to drop on the transcription.

What kinds of writing and chronicling techniques that you have used in the past have changed due to technology making things easier?


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3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Ah! Bowie’s ‘Changes’, Noah – great choice, and apt too! Interesting one – has made me think. I guess the biggest change for me has been embracing computer technology via the blog, having been a convinced Luddite up till then (if I am honest!) – but my journal writing remains very separate in the sense that it has always been handwritten in actual books. I love the feeling of pen upon paper, and don’t see that changing any time soon. On the other hand, I can see that there would be many advantages to moving over to a purely paper-free form of expression. Thank you for flagging this up in so thought-provoking a way. x


  2. Thanks, Ali, for the comment! Indeed, I love the feeling of pen on paper, and will not be giving up journaling on paper entirely. What I am doing is avoiding the full-paragraph journaling during vacations and special days which sometimes made me lose sight of the day itself!


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