Life is a highway (part 2)

Last Friday, I had written a post entitled “Life is a highway,” mentioning how I might make a recurring theme of my blog the idea of being on a highway, looking for the road signs counting down milestones. So, I might as well put the pictures that I had promised last week into today’s blog post! I didn’t take as many photos on the weekend as I thought I might have, but… that’s the way it goes!

The quick getaway started with a rainy day on the highway.

Southbound on Highway 75 in Omaha.

En route to Lincoln

The wide-open road of Interstate 80, heading westbound from Omaha to Lincoln.

Let's take the straight arrow!

Just after Exit 409.

Hey, I didn't blink this time!

Car selfie perpetuated by Mom.

Just on the outskirts of the Omaha metro area.

Returning to Eppley Airfield, and yet another sign.

Heading east to Chicago, looking (approximately) southwestbound here.  (Ha! And on a Southwest Airlines fleet!)

A sunset view from way above the clouds and storms!

I am still looking for feedback. Is the idea of road signs, anticipation of milestones, and the theme of “on the road of life” something I should consider as a blog theme change?


Countdown to Hooding Ceremony: 7 days.

Countdown to Noah’s birthday: 21 days.


2 thoughts on “Life is a highway (part 2)

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Tay! I might not implement it immediately, but I have strongly considered the last few times changing the theme. (My wide variety of post types will remain.)


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