No sweat

Almost four years ago, when I rode my first century bike ride for the Wrigley Field Road Tour, it was very challenging due to the fierce headwind that I fought the whole way.

(You thought I would mention that without linking to the post? Sorry: here it is!)

But, then the week after, on Labor Day, I rode my bike with a few of my friends from that ride on an “easy” forty (40) mile ride.

But, let me mention a few things about these two rides, and relate it to yesterday.

After the Labor Day ride, I had surmised the fact that the 40-mile ride was more sweaty than the 100-mile ride, despite the fact that the 100-mile ride was on a hotter day.

Strangely enough, I never mentioned the temperature in my Wrigley Field Road Tour journal, but it was a very reasonable-for-the-end-of-August, maxing out at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind was intense, but given that it was blowing on me, it probably prevented me from sweating too much. I didn’t get dehydrated–in fact on some of the legs, my limiting factor may have been my bladder… more so than my energy!

Nine days later was Labor Day. This time, I did write something about the weather: “No rain, and it’s cool (chilly).” Specifically, it was about 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Implicit in the idea of “No rain” was the fact that I wore my rain jacket.

Well, there was also a tough southbound wind, but thankfully this trip was a round trip! We went north to Lake Forest and turned around.

Though I had plenty of energy when we returned to Evanston and I could have ridden a lot more, I could tell I was sweaty and disgusting as a result of wearing the rain jacket. It was also quite humid before and after the showers.

And then, we get to yesterday and today. I rode all the way to League and all the way back. En route to League, I wore my rain jacket, because the skies looked threatening (though not threatening of thunderstorms).  Once the skies cleared a little bit, I was riding, quite uncomfortably, because my sweat was trapped in the surprisingly insulating rain jacket. I also fought a harsh eastbound wind going westbound.

On the return trip, it had further warmed up, but thankfully the skies did not predict rain for a few hours. It was nice to have the wind at my back, and although I got a little sweaty in the 25 miles of movement, it was not bad. The problem was again the humidity, as it was about 80 degrees, and with humidity and seeping through the rain jacket, UGH!

In future bike rides with weather, should I grin and bear it without a rain jacket, since I’m going to get wet anyway? Or is there a rain jacket which is better for physical activity outside that I do not own?


Countdown to Ph.D. hooding ceremony: 4 days.

Countdown to Noah’s 28th birthday: 18 days.


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