Two firsts

Today had two “firsts” for me, and the post is pretty short, because I just wanted to get something in play. You will get a longer post on Friday, which will be a summary of the graduation day!

I have had a Zipcar membership since the fall of 2010. This has allowed me to participate in Car Share, which was an alternative to car rental, particularly since I was only 23 when I joined Zipcar.

Today, though, I rented a car the traditional way for the first time. Although this may not be a Rite of Passage, at least I would no longer be saddled with extra fees for being under 25.

And that car rental was paired with my longest drive alone thus far. Previously, my longest solo drive had been to Kansas City from Lincoln, or vice-versa, for Pokemon TCG tournaments. My longest drive with passengers where I was the solo driver was to Sedalia, Missouri in 2009, for another tournament (which went very poorly–ha!), and the drive was  almost five hours.

Today, though, I drove from Evanston, IL to Menomonie, WI. This was more than 300 miles of driving, and took just under 6 hours. I didn’t do the drive in one fell swoop–there was a rest stop near Madison (just after 3 hours elapsed) where I stopped to stretch and use the restroom.

Nevertheless, these firsts are also paired with my first “real” interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

(D’OH! Got carried away and didn’t post this last night.)


Countdown to Noah’s 28th birthday: 9 days.


10 thoughts on “Two firsts

  1. Wow! Very impressed by your six hour solo, Noah – well done! And very best of luck with your interview. I’ll be thinking of you. xx


    • Thanks, Ali! The interview went very well, and the drive was relatively painless. It is quite serene to drive through the highways of Wisconsin. I don’t mind endless forest/cornfield/mountain scenery 🙂


  2. Congratulations first for graduation and miles and miles of driving. I am familiar with Evanston, Illinois the other place I never heard of. Good luck in your interview, hope you’ll come out smelling like a rose. 🙂


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