Right! Right!

“You’re bloody well right, you got a bloody right to say!” (WARNING: YouTube recently has had long unskippable ads prior to some videos.)

However, though I like this song, as usual, the post has little to do with the actual song. It was just a way to get into the post.

Sometimes, I admit that I have trouble telling left from right (as does my Dad). However, since the thumb and left thumb make an “L” shape, that is always the mnemonic that I use if I screw up. Sometimes, though, as I am riding my bike, I will stick my left hand out at a 90-degree angle to my head to indicate a left turn, and may yell, “RIGHT!”

Then, I’ll correct myself, and say, “OTHER RIGHT!” Come to think of it, I joked about this after leaving the hospital in באר-שבע (Beersheba)... though I didn’t say it in the post, when I mentioned Weiss Vacation(TM), one of the things that Dan said was, “I think that the directions meant the Other Left.”

(Speaking of Israel and Judaism, does that mean that I’m a person from Nineveh, according to Jonah 4:11?)

However, in mentioning the hand signals, it seems that a lot of people don’t know hand signals. You raise your left hand in an “L” shape to indicate a right turn, as I explained in my “Click” post earlier this year. You can also point your right hand parallel to the ground.

If you are making a left turn, simply extend your left arm parallel to the ground, pointing to the left.

If you are braking, your “brake lights” are shown by pointing your left hand in a “downward” L shape.

Each of these signals are shown in the following diagram, courtesy of University of North Texas:

Taken from University of North Texas Police Department. I’m glad that the cyclist in this diagram is wearing a helmet!

You are allowed to use these same hand signals when driving in a car, and I often do that when I drive in Lincoln, weather permitting. (See page 52 of the Nebraska driver’s manual!) Clearly as a driver, unless you have a REALLY long right arm, you can’t use the “Alternate Right Turn” signal when the steering wheel is on the left side of the car.

But, there’s an easy way to remember that the “upward left arm” is the right turn signal. In a car, how do you signal a right turn? You have to press UPWARD on the turn signal lever (assuming that the driver’s side is on the left).

Although when I was looking for the right word for the thing that you push up or down to signal a turn (the correct term is lever), I found that if the driver’s side is on the right, you push up on the lever to indicate a left turn! But this is consistent with the fact that you would have to raise your right hand in a mirror-L shape to indicate a left turn in those cars!

Yes, there is both rhyme and reason to hand signals if you know how to operate a turn signal in a car!

I got a bloody right to say!


Countdown to Noah’s 28th (and possibly another major event): 2 days.

Countdown to NABC: 36 days.

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