Seems weird for a post title, given that today was one of the warmest days of 2015 in Chicago. However, I wanted to mention a few uses of the word “cold” that occurred over the weekend. It’s not just for winter anymore!

COLD (adj.: the opposite of hot): Most of my new apparel from Northwestern says to “Machine wash cold.” I better not use Warm or Hot in that case! Hopefully the stuff that says “Machine wash warm” will still get clean.

Also, I should say that grape juice and pop both taste much better cold 🙂

COLD (adj.: a contract in bridge that will “always” succeed, even with best defense): Although the first hand we played was cold for 3NT, we got off to a bad start because we didn’t bid it.

COLD (noun: an ailment often consisting of coughing, sneezing, and congestion). Somehow, I often seem to suffer from cold-like symptoms at some point early in the summer. It is not merely allergies, as I have been taking some allergy medicine the last few days to take care of a sweat-rash that has been rather annoying for the last year or so. I’ve had a cough and congestion for the last week or so.

Yes, I’m the keeper of the phlegm (sorry, Martin Page…)

COLD (adj.: unfriendly). I went to the White Sox game yesterday, and the crowd started to grow cold during the seventh inning, after the Sox gave up three hits and a walk before retiring a batter. And then two consecutive errors by Chicago kept the frustration for both the team and the fans. There were quite a few walk-outs, but as usual, I wasn’t even thinking about leaving.

Now, all I hope is that the gunk goes away soon. It’s not slowing me down at all, but is quite annoying.


NABC: 31 days.

Menomonie: <= 47 days.

UW-Stout classes start: 65 days.

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